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Transit Of Mars, Mercury And Venus In May

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,207
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Transit of planets brings about mingling and fusion of new vibes and energies. Transits bring about change and transformation. Every time a planet travels through a sign, the nakshatras or stars they meet on their way creates a unique atmosphere or exchange of energies. An analytical study of such events is interesting and brings better understanding of things to follow thereafter, even if they might be for a short period. Here is a general survey of the effects of transit of three planets on individuals in the month of May 2014.


Mars enters Virgo on 20th of May 2014:

Mars will be in Hasta and then moving into Chitra nakshatra during its transit in the Zodiac sign Virgo. Hasta star is predominantly the energy of the Moon that brings about multiple ups and downs in life and mental turmoils too. Life for such people is never the same. This makes a Hasta born spiritual as well as hard working. Chitra is a star that possesses Martian energy that enhances flow of good physical energy, independent thinking with good intuitive power. A Chitra-born is intelligent and hardworking, and also has concern for the troubles he or she sees around. How this will affect you: Mars in these two stars will make you emotional, and you will lead life at whims of your heart’s desires instead of trying to be analytical and down-to-earth. This tide of soft emotions will help you bond better with your family. Influence of Mars brings about dynamism, ready to face problems and meet challenges to fight and win over them. Such enthusiasm and robust energy will help in accomplishing all those works and commitments that had remained unfinished or unattended so far. Later in this period, taking up short projects will prove beneficial. Lot of expenses may come about and health issues also may turn out to be harrying especially stomach problems. A good confidence will definitely pull your through such minor and temporary troubles. Some unexpected monetary gain may finally help optimistic and hopeful mood prevail.

Mercury enters Gemini on 23th of May 2014:

Mercury will be moving through Mrigasira, Ardra and Punarvasu stars. Mrigasira star possess Martian energy and endows creativity. A Mrigasira born has prying and curious nature, that facilitates learning. It brings about energy that helps one to search the right way out of confusion. Ardra star possess the energy of Rahu, the insatiate creature that makes one intelligent and determined to achieve success under any condition and usually they do not miss opportunity to make use of others for purpose of gain. Punravasu star possess energy of the benevolent, expansive Jupiter and brings about positivity and well-being, honesty and efforts for bringing about better change. How this will affect you: Mercury in his own house bestows better intelligence, abilities to perform and enhance the resources required for accomplishing objectives. If you are in service, you will be performing well but it would be good to avoid talking too much at work place as it may fallout into arguments, criticism or controversies. One may gain good result through their dealings in stock market but one must resist going overboard. Travelling will be enjoyable and will bring about gains. Financially, everyone will stand to see positive changes. At the same time certain situations may bring about unwanted expenses. You will be more interested in Electronic goods and will be willing to spend towards buying such items. In this period, you will also have joyous times with your family that will bring about lighter moments of pure joy.

Venus enters Aries on 24th of May 2014

Venus will be moving through Ashwini, Bharani and Kittika stars in Aries. Ashwini star possess the energy of Ketu and they will make natives active, enthusiastic and at the same time patient under difficult situations. They make people stubborn and revengeful if instigated. Bharani star possess energy of Venus that makes one honest, friendly, sincere at work and good in intellect and appearance. Krittika star possess energy of the Sun that makes the natives confident with robust energy though they are usually impatient and are willing to walk miles to implement their independent ideas. How this will affect you: This period may only increase confusion and duality of thoughts in mind. This would affect your profession and relationship. You will tend to become sensitive to any comment from your loved ones. You may have to bear unnecessary expenses too. You will enjoy gains coming your way through your business partner. You will enjoy going for long distance travels for pleasure trips and will indulge in efforts towards improving your appearance. Children will add to your happiness by bringing home excellent results, good learning and creative efforts. New member may arrive in your family through incidence of birth of a baby or marriage in the family. Too many earthly things may keep you preoccupied and this will require you to manage your time effectively through better planning of your duties. Those in entertainment industry and in the field of Glamour will find themselves in limelight.

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