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2014 Scorpio Horoscope for Career

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 2,061
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Scorpios are the serious people you will find at any work-place, ones who are deeply engaged, studying thoroughly to find out intricacies of the object of their study. But you will be mistaken to interpret their reclusive behavior as a docile and submissive nature. Beware, they are born revolutionaries. Their intelligence to grasp a subject and intuition to see into the future keeps them from being obedient to existing rules and methods. 2014Scorpio-career Their strength, energy and determination to carry out profound change in whatever they pursue bring about innovations and discoveries. The dignified presence of a Scorpio commands high respect from others.

Careers suitable for Scorpios:

Being courageous and self-motivated people, Scorpios do well in intense and hard-working professions like doctors, engineers, market analysts, scientists, researchers, police sergeants, and business managers and so on.

How Scorpios influence others at work-place:

  • Scorpios always set example of the work they do. They inspire people with their abiding determination and stamina to work sincerely.
  • They have fine intellect, intuitive nature and keen eye on the objective of the work they undertake. This helps them give a sound direction to the flow of work.
  • Their resourcefulness and investigative nature gives them a good perspective view of the project they are involved in.
  • Their loyalty and steadfastness would ensure success of a project or task despite adversities.

Planets influencing Scorpio Career in 2014:

Scorpio is a fixed and watery sign governed by Mars The 10th House in the Birth-Chart, which is the house for career prospects, is ruled by the Sun. Transits of Mars and aspects of Saturn will cause certain difficulties and hitches at work-place.

Consequences of planetary influences during the year:

From the beginning of the year till the mid-July except February and March, Mars will be transiting in Virgo, the 11th house. This is favorable for better growth in terms of getting raise in income and for chances of promotion in job during the first half of the year. In February and March transit of Mars along with Rahu will bring about certain critical situations like differences with unlike minded persons, or maybe differences in opinion with a religious person or a foreigner. During this period you should maintain patience and calm demeanor to avoid conflicts. From mid-January to mid-March, the Sun, which is transiting in new signs every month, will be aspecting the signs Leo & Virgo; i.e. the 10th & the 11th houses, favoring you with good energy, better ability to perform and support from superiors. Between mid-April and mid-May the Sun’s exaltation will bring you reputation in career for excellent performances and maybe preferred for promotion due to aspect of Mars (from the 11th house) on the Sun during this month. From mid-July to the end of August, Mars is transiting in Libra along with enemy planet Saturn and this is not a favorable period. You can have misunderstanding with subordinates or seniors at work-place. So you should be careful to avoid such situations. You may have to travel long distances for work. You may feel restlessness at work during this period and may fall behind schedule in completing your work or meeting your target. From September till mid-October, Mars transiting in Scorpio will bring back the self-confidence and energy for executing new skills. From mid-October to the end of November by transiting in Sagittarius, Mars will make you perform well in job. You will get the support of subordinates. During December exaltation of Mars and its aspect on the 10th house will be highly favorable to do challenging projects within time. The year will see ups and downs in career; but last 3 months of the year will bring you positive turn of events.

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