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2014 Gemini Horoscope for Career

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 1,731
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Being a Gemini is representing the concept of Yin-yang in Chinese philosophy, where duality in the nature of things brings about unique characteristics. This is what makes Gemini intriguing, interesting, intelligent and beyond the stereotype.

Spot a Gemini in office:

Your boss in the office understands your strengths, if he has given you the task of deciding the strategies of a project, or he has given you charge of planning an event, or writing the press release of a new product. He would know that you enjoy dabbling with ideas. As a Gemini, you represent someone who is good at multi-tasking:
  • Your passion to be creative and bring about new ideas suitable in changing times brings you admiration from others.
  • Your ability to reason out the good and the bad sides of the project marks a unique place for you.
  • You were to born to be a communicator and one who is a messenger of knowledge.
  • Your aptitude to stay abreast with information keeps you on your toes to gather more knowledge.
As independent professionals, you will find Gemini as reporters, teachers, writers, chefs, public relations officer, language experts, radio-jockey and so on.

Planets influencing Gemini in 2014:

  • Gemini is an airy sign ruled by Mercury.
  • Jupiter, as Lord of the 10th House transiting to Gemini will bring growth in career.
  • Venus in exaltation in the 2nd House is indicative material prosperity.

Consequences of planetary influences in different times of the year:

Jupiter’s aspects:
  • From the beginning of the year 2014 till 6th March Jupiter’s retro grade motion will make you lagging behind to complete your works in time. As far as possible you should be alert to avoid mistakes and be sincere in your regular duties.
  • From 6th March till 19th June 2014 Jupiter’s transit in Gemini will favor you with opportunities for improvement through gain of knowledge. This will be helpful for gradual progress in career. The 10th house lord Jupiter’s aspect to the 9th house lord Saturn is a blessing till the middle of the year; that will result good name and innovative thinking to excel well for better levels in career. But at the same time you will be restless in job by hectic work schedules.
  • From 19th June 2014 till the end of the year Jupiter will be transiting in its exalted sign Cancer. This will be the best period for your career growth, a chance that manifests once in 12 years. You will be given promotion and enjoy better status. Responsibilities will increase rapidly and also by the transit of the 10th house lord Jupiter in a movable watery sign, you will be getting a job in an overseas country.
Venus aspect:
  • During May due to exalted state of Venus you will get commendable raise in salary. But later in the month of May or early June some problems may arise due to certain mistake. One may face legal problems for violating rules and regulations. So take precautions to be careful and be sincere in your job for that short duration.
Later in 2014, you will begin to enjoy support of colleagues and higher officials at work place. You will receive the privilege of gaining prosperity through growth in career. So leave no stone unturned, focus and work hard.

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