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Ancestor Astrology


Are you moaning over the loss of your loved one who passed away, and still feel incomplete in terms of offering sacraments? All the deceased souls survive beyond the mortal, physical bodies as a divine spirit. These spirits of the recently departed and the ancestors often require support and nourishment to reach the heavenly abode from this three-dimensional world.

One suffers from Pitru Dosha when the souls of their ancestors are not pacified with appropriate rituals such as Tarpanam (Shraddha). For succeeding in our efforts, it is very important to receive the blessings of our ancestors. We aid you on this regard by providing Tarpanam service performed by expert priests and help our ancestors reach the higher planes of light and become family deities in the other world.

Vedic Astrology and Ancestor Last Rites Ritual

According to Vedic scriptures, certain important rituals have to be performed at least once a year to pacify the souls of our ancestors for them to attain peace and salvation.

Vedic Astrology and traditions bestow us with an ocean of information upon the last rites or Tarpanam rituals that need to be performed to soothe our ancestors’ souls. We offer access to skilled experts or priests who can perform the rituals for you and relieve the souls of your ancestors to reach the other world.

What is Tarpanam or Shraddha?


Tarpanam or Shraddha is a formal ritual which is conducted by people to their deceased ancestors or family members to help in the transition of the soul to heaven or next birth. The benefit of participating in the science of Shrardha and Tarpanam are the blessings it ultimately brings to the entire family. This vital ritual works on your soul DNA and cleanses your karmic effects.

The practice of offering Tarpanam is being followed in India since thousands of years, and is usually sponsored by a family member or close friend.

Shraddha is the most important last rite ritual performed within 15 days after death and can be performed on every New Moon Day. Our expert astrologers suggest certain days that are highly favorable to perform this ancestral ritual to help our forefathers attain inner peace and proceed further to afterlife or salvation.

  • First day of the Vedic New Year
  • First day of Vedic Summer Solstice
  • First New Moon after the Vedic Summer Solstice
  • First day of Vedic Winter Solstice (also known as Pongal)
  • First New Moon after the Vedic Winter Solstice
  • The Mahalaya New Moon (Mahalaya usually comes up at end of September as a 2 week festival of special Tarpanam ceremonies that AstroVed participates annually on behalf of sponsors from around the globe.)

If a person does not know the death date of their relative, parents, grandparents, brother, sister, or anyone deceased for that matter, then they can perform the ancestor rituals on the following two days:

  • During the Mahalaya time (during a special 14-day period that occurs annually), particularly on the day ruled by the star Bharani. This day is known as Maha Bharani
  • If not on Maha Bharani day, then they can do it on the 8th Moon day of the waning phase during the Mahalaya time, which is known as the Maha Ashtami or the Madhya Ashtami

Blessings of your ancestors

Your mind, body and soul are related to your ancestors and they highly influence your thinking and desires from your ancestral lineage dating back to 7 generations. Performing this 10000-year old ancestral ritual can release the emotional pain within you and can help in pacifying their souls.

One must follow the below rules on the day of Tarpanam:

For 15 days until the ritual is performed, all family members should:

  • Not visit any temples or pilgrimage places (except churches)
  • Consume only vegetarian food
  • Strictly prohibit alcohol
  • Practice celibacy

Avail this divine opportunity to perform the last rites ritual properly as suggested by Vedic Astrology by our expert priests and help your forefathers in their journey of soul transition.

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