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Vedic Astrology for Ancestors Lastrites

The Vedic tradition has a lot to offer in terms of information about the dissembling of consciousness of a human life in leaving a body, how there is multi-day process with that and how the last day of that process is a culmination. Some spirits are able to move on at that point, and some never make the jump.

AstroVed offers access to trained experts who can help with a full transition so that souls can pass on into higher planes of light in which they become family deities in the other world, beings who can bless the whole family line. The benefit of participating in the science of Shrardha and Tarpanam are the blessings it ultimately brings to the entire family.

Shrardha is a formal ritual which has been conducted in India for thousands of years to help a soul’s transition after death to either heaven or their next birth. It is usually sponsored by a family member or a close friend.

Tarpanam is a ritual with offerings (food) to departed spirits which is especially effective during New Moon days.

While Tarpanam can be done on every New Moon Day, our astrologers share that certain days are especially powerful for helping our ancestors:

  • First day of the Vedic New Year
  • First day of Vedic Summer Solstice
  • First New Moon after the Vedic Summer Solstice
  • First day of Vedic Winter Solstice (also known as Pongal)
  • First New Moon after the Vedic Winter Solstice
  • The Mahalaya New Moon (Mahalaya usually comes up at end of September as a 2 week festival of special tarpanam ceremonies that AstroVed participates annually on behalf of sponors from around the globe.)

If a person does not know the death date of their relative, parents, grandparents, brother, sister, or anyone deceased for that matter, then they can perform the ancestor rituals on the following two days:

  • During the Mahalaya time (during a special 14 day period that occurs annually), particularly on the day ruled by the star Bharani. This day is known as Maha Bharani.
  • If not on Maha Bharani day, then they can do it on the Waning 8th Moon day during the Mahalaya time which is known as the Maha Ashtami or the Madhya Ashtami.

Anyone can chant the mantra Narayana Narayana Govinda Govinda on behalf of a relative or friend. These are quantum sounds to help a soul reach the feet of Vishnu which is the frequency of moksha (liberation).

Soul Genetics is the science of your ancestors as studied and revealed by Dr. Pillai, founder of AstroVed. This gives a modern scientific approach to understanding these powerful techniques.

New Moon Ancestral Ritual performed in Kerala

New Moon Ancestral Ritual performed in Kerala

The New Moon is a powerful time to establish a connection with your maternal and paternal ancestors. Performing the Tarpanam ritual on this day clears energy blocks, negativity, evils and shortcomings in all aspects of your life. Invoke the energies of your ancestors in your life for a healthy, wealthy and negativity-free life by performing ancestr... 

US $ 32.00
6 Months of New Moon Ancestral Ritual performed in Kerala

6 Months of New Moon Ancestral Ritual performed in Kerala

Performing Tarpanam for your ancestors shows your respect towards them and supports the unity of your family and family lineage. Ancestors have more wisdom and spiritual power than they did during life and have the ability to positively affect your life. Participate in the 6 Months of New Moon ancestral ritual performed in Kerala.  

US $ 119.00
Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report)

Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report)

Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report) This report will suggest to you the most effective remedies to get rid of your bad karmas as well as the karma you inherited from your ancestors. 

US $ 37.00

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