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nakshatra incense

Ways to Use The Birthstar/Nakshatra Incense


1. Connect daily to the energy of the ruling star- be energetically supported for the favourable activities that star supports. Check Out “Panchang”- upper right corner of AstroVed home page.

2. Connect daily to your own personal Birthstar/Nakshatra. It carries the energy of your origin.

3. Enjoy the experience of the unique, divine scent!

This Nakshatra Incense is formulated with specific herbs sacred to each Birthstar according to Ancient Vedic texts.

Your Nakshatra is the star or star cluster that was overhead at the moment you were born. You really are a star child! There are 27 Birthstars and one rules each day (or sometimes a half day evening and the next day half day morning- depending on your geographical location).

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