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Book Your Divine Encounter

Book Your Divine Encounter

Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Encounter & Remedies

Since Kalki Karuppuswamy Channel is on Pilgrimage, we are not able to schedule any readings for the time being. Once he is back from the pilgrimage we will start to schedule the readings

How to schedule your Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Encounter

Click on the Button below. He is available from 8.30 PM IST to 10.00 PM. Indicate the primary reason you want the divine intervention – or what you want to fix, such as finances, relationships, health, life-purpose, etc. Please refer to this link for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

1. Cost of the Divine Encounter can be paid through your AstroVed account.

2. If Kalki Karuppaswamy does not come forward, it may happen as early as one to two days later or he may give a longer time frame when he will be present, such as 30 days. During that time period, please reflect on your motives and pray sincerely to develop a connection with Kalki Karuppaswamy as per above instructions: How to best PREPARE for your Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Encounter.

3. If Kalki Karuppaswamy is not available for the Divine Encounter, then the cost of the divine encounter will be refunded.

4. On the day of your Divine Encounter, please have your skype open and be available starting at 8.00 pm IST. Kalki Karuppaswamy sometimes arrives earlier or later and we have to act quickly and you need to be available at that moment.