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Accumulate Wealth

Gemstone for Money

Gemstones are one of nature’s most amazing gifts to us. Their power and relation to the planets has been thoroughly understood and revealed by the seers of ancient times. Each gemstone vibrates at a specific frequency and acts as a prism of energy to introduce specific frequencies of light to the wearer.

Gems should be worn on the correct nadi, or channel of energy, on your body. The nadis in the fingers correspond to each planet and an astrologer prescribes which gem on which finger will yield the best results. The positive vibrations from the right gem on the correct finger influences a specific area of influence for you as it relates to such as money, health and prosperity.

Planets Determine Your Financial Condition

The placement of money planets like Jupiter and Venus, in an individual’s birth chart especially in the following houses vastly determines the kind of financial condition the individual leads.

2nd House: Money, Income and Financial management of your own money
6th House: Ability to receive money from other
11th House: Profit and ability to enjoy and use money you accumulate

These are the main determinants which actually determine between wealth or poverty. You may call it fate or good luck. But Vedic Astrology has its own way of dealing with this ‘line of demarcation’.

Energized Gemstones for Money

Energized Gemstones for Money invite prosperity and affluence in one’s life.Gems not only negate the malefic effects of the concerned planets, but also boosts the beneficial planetary energies illuminating its wearer’s route towards richness and material comfort. However, it is important that you wear the right gemstone; otherwise the beneficial vibrations and effects of the gemstone can diminish or even stay ineffective.

How to get your right Gemstone for Money?

Vedic Experts at AstroVed offer a uniquely prepared ‘Gemstone report for Finance’by carefully analyzing the placement of Jupiter and Venus in 2nd, 6th& 11th houses. This ‘Gemstone report for Finance’ not only prescribes you the right Gemstone meant for you but also the kind of energization process required.

Attract prosperity and affluence in your life, order your Gemstone Report for Finance Now.