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DateMarch 16, 2017

Vasant Navratri is the Nine Nights of Spring which falls in the month of Chaitra. Divine Mother, Adi Parashakti manifests herself as Mother Nature providing vegetation, nourishment, shelter, protection to all creatures, bringing rejuvenation to life on Earth. Mother’s grace and inherit beauty is apparent in spring season and in everything expressed through her.

The Earth bursts open with beautiful and colorful flowers and flourishes with bountiful harvests. It is the time to express our gratitude and showcase our love to her who envelops us with such beauty and fragrance. The privilege of worshipping her at this time is our greatest fortune. Vasant Navratri is the most auspicious time to worship her.

why is vasant navratri celebrated

Reverence to Nature – Season of Vasant Navratri

Vasanta Navratri marks the beginning of the most auspicious spring season, first of all seasons. First season Vasanta or Ritu sees blooming jasmines, plants, shoots and leaves coming to life, fresh buds, bright sunlight, trees turn green with fruits and flowers, birds flying and chirping, and animals are busy after a period of hibernation.

This season celebrates the vibrancy of nature and life. Spring accompanies new life on Earth, where Mother Nature covers the Earth in a blanket of green.

Celebration of Vasant Navratri Festivals

Vasant Navratri is celebrated to welcome and rejoice the seasonal changes when Nature is at her best and as all other festivals start with this holy Chaitra Navratri Festival.

Hindu New Year is at the time of Spring Equinox when Vasanta Navratri or the Nine Holy Nights are celebrated starting on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and culminating on Ram Navami. It is also known as Sri Rama Navratri.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada announces the beginning of a New Year- Sun crosses the celestial equator during Spring Equinox which is followed by celebrations and prayers. Nine days long spring festival of Vasantha Navratri begins on this day.

Significance of Worshipping Adi Parashakti

Devi Mahatmyam says that the eternal Goddess manifests again and again to protect the world. It is she who gives birth to this universe and bestows knowledge. When propitiated she blesses with fortune and prosperity. The entire cosmos is pervaded by the Great Goddess in the form of Mahamari and Mahakali.

Vasantha Navratri 2019

Vasant Navratri is celebrated this year from April 6th to April 14th. Worshipping the 9 Forms of Shakthi during Vasant Navratri brings happiness and prosperity into your life. Goddess Shakti removes all evil, afflictions, sorrows and suffering

As per scriptures, blessings of the Divine Mother are invoked through Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) and homas or fire rituals during Vasant Navratri to seek her blessings prosperity, success, and protection

According to Holy Text Mantra Maharnava, homas (Fire Labs) to Goddess Mahalakshmi during Vasant Navratri is extremely meritorious and auspicious. She bestows immense blessing to fill your life with riches, abundance and huge profits. She also can help regain lost wealth and glory, high status, luxuries, good fortune, peace and good life.

As per the sacred text, Adi Parashakti is stated to assume Nine Forms of Devi. The Nine Swarupas of Parameshwari convey her divine message to the Universe: “I am the Eternal and Absolute Shakti and none else.”


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