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What is Akshaya Trithiya?

DateApril 28, 2014

Akshaya means that which does not diminish and is eternal. Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on the Hindu lunar month of Chaithra on the third day after the new moon. As per the Hindu traditions, it is the ideal day to perform sacred deeds. On this day one should do charity like helping the poor by giving food, clothes, ghee, vegetables, cereals, grains, curd, tamarind, salt, cows, oil, land, and other material things.


It is a very auspicious day that one does not need to check muhurtas in the almanac as each and every moment is auspicious on this day. It is considered as one of the four sacred days of the year. On this day people buy gold, silver and other valuables as it is considered to bring good luck and fortune.

The sun and the moon are in exaltation and is the most powerful day to do charities. Anything given away in charity, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, be it money, or material is certain to multiply and come back as merits many times over. As the word means, unlimited- Akshaya, giving on this day multiplies in merit manifold. Pooja , prayers and feeding the Brahmins are more meritorious than accumulating gold.

Sacred texts say that if you give clothes to the poor, you will get rid of diseases. If you give away grains in charity, you will avoid untimely death. If you give curd rice as charity then your negative deeds will be neutralized and you will progress in life. If you give fruits, then you will achieve high position in life. Help and charity done to poor and down trodden on this day will help you in this lifetime and in the next.

One should visit Vishnu temples and offer sandalwood paste to the lord or have darshan of the Lord anointed with sandalwood paste. Devotees take holy bath or dip in rivers before visiting temples. One should offer barley to the sacred fire.

Scriptures say that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Parashurama on this day, Ganges descended on earth this day, VedVyasa along with Ganesha started the composition of Mahabharata, and Sudama was blessed with prosperity by Lord Krishna on this day.


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