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Vishnupati – Sun Enters Leo

Vishnupati occurs four times every year when the Sun transits into one of the fixed zodiac signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This year the Sun enters its own abode Leo on the 17th of August. Leo is ruled by the Sun. During this day, the Moon and Jupiter will also be in the sign Leo. On this day the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon are seen as the powerful planets. Position of the Sun in Leo brightens the career front while the Moon in Leo brings in wealth.


The tithi on this day of Vishnupati is Tritiya (third lunar day) which has a tendency to multiply all your material gains. Worship Lord Vishnu and his consort Goddess Lakshmi on this day to seek their blessings. Offering prayers during the 9 hour window will not only simplify the process of manifesting your results but you can also gain the power of consciousness and look for new possibilities opening in your life. This happens due to the position of the Sun in Leo.

He plays a major role in shaping the future of an individual. The Sun’s transit into Leo will enhance creativeness, self-confidence, determination, radiance, positive thought, individuality, vitality and leadership. However, the extent of good and bad results one experiences during the transit phase depends on the position of planets in their birth chart.

The auspicious day of Vishnupati showers abundant blessings on those who invoke Lord Vishnu in the specific hours. You can dissolve all your obstacles and gain material benefits in various phases of life such as career, wealth and property. You can worship Lord Vishnu by visiting his temples, performing his pooja, chanting or reciting Vishnu mantras, reading the epic stories on Vishnu or even singing his praise through devotional songs. Offering beaten rice with true heart to Vishnu on this day will bring the blessings of spiritual and material prosperity.

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  1. Namsteh guruji . Jai sairam .

    I have been reading teh articles and following your remedies for over 5-6 years . Yet for teh past3 years i suffer from acute loss of income, financial losses, loss of employment,destruction of gold and othe fixed assets and erosion of savings . there is no peace or joy in life . Please suggest a permamnent remedy . My birthe star is Uthira phalguni. kanya raasi . Lagnam cANCER WITH Rahu- DOB 17TH April 1962 .I recite Ganesha sahasranamam, vISHNU SAHSRANMAM SRI SUKTHAM ,SHASTI KAVACHAM ,AND A FEW JAPAMS OF LORD KRISHNA AND DEVI. I hav a lot of debts piled up with banks and cannot redeem it please suggest means to consolidate career and monies in life .My father and mother are worried for me Thanks guruji

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