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Venus in Sagittarius: 6 Ways to Enjoy This Transit

DateJanuary 25, 2016

Venus is Sagittarius will be in Sagittarius until mid-February. Learn 6 tips for happiness.

Until mid-February, the planet of love will travel in the sign and domain of Jupiter that rules philosophy, higher humanistic studies and religious thought.

This sign is Dhanusha (in Sanskrit) or Sagittarius, as many know it.

While Jupiter and Venus aren’t the best of friends, a positive transformation can now happen in the way we perceive the world and others and our romantic connections.

This is mostly because all planets find a positive environment in Sagittarius.

If you’ve felt that your relationship was lacking the higher octave of devotion and higher principles, this inspirational transit can now bring you a more devoted partner. But usually higher visions don’t stand the test of everyday life, so some flexibility and patience are must.

Below are six tips to make sure you’ll be happy during this time.


1. Be patient with others

A give and take attitude will grant you the best results at this time. If your partner’s affection leaves a lot to be desired, be the one who takes the higher divine road. Offer your trust and faithful heart to make your partner happy.

2. Receive divine blessings

Be creative and find ways to spend time with your partner—such as studying a foreign language, or going to your favorite place of worship together. Jupiter will put his blessings on Venus, so you’ll love going to a church, temple, synagogue or shrine and feel that your relationship is truly blessed.

3. Long-distance travel

Venus is the planet that makes air travel both lovely and comfortable. Dhanusha rules the natural 9th house of foreign travel. So, taking an overseas trip with an educational or religious goal in mind will please you immensely. Mercury will accompany Venus for much of this transit. Together, laughs and long talks are guaranteed.

4. Be generous

Vedic astrology is always connected with a higher way of living. In fact, the Rishis—or intuitive seers and scientists who devised this system to explore divine light within human consciousness and the cosmos—saw that acts of generosity (ruled by Jupiter) towards women (ruled by Venus) can bring you a better karma in relationship and in your finances.

Helping little girls by sponsoring their studies or little boys, as Jupiter rules all children, will go a long way to making this transit a truly inspired and fruitful experience. Financial help to destitute women brings you the favors of Venus, too.

5. Remove toxins

In the beginning of this transit, Venus will cross the fixed star Mula, a constellation ruled by Ketu, planet of detachment and spirituality and Nirriti, the Goddess who destroys all things inauspicious, which block the unfoldment of your divine nature.

Toxins in the body in the form of disease or in the mind as negative thoughts or relationships, can slow or stop your spiritual progress.

So taking care of your health, ditching processed foods or letting go of a toxic relationship that cannot live up to your higher vision are now favored. You’ll be happy you did will and you’ll look more beautiful, too.

6. Spiritual solutions

The Veda were helpful guides to bringing back to earth spiritual knowledge, which had been orally transmitted in more ancient and enlightened times.

Their poetic and lyrical tones often disguise to-do lists for fixing major problems by attracting the positive attention of divine beings, or Devas.

Honoring the planets with their sound waves changes your consciousness and makes you more alert to planetary rays—the very source of your thoughts.

Reciting Om Shukraya Namaha 108 times on Fridays will bring you positive thoughts of devotion, lasting wealth and pleasant connections in both your personal and social life.

However, fire rituals to Venus and Goddess Lakshmi are far more powerful in reducing the negative effects of Venus on your finances and relationship.

Benefits from these Vedic rituals include a happy relationship, buying a luxury car and securing lasting wealth.

Wishing you a super lucky transit!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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