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Venus in Aquarius: 3 Steps to Happiness

DateMarch 10, 2016

An unconventional Venus in Aquarius is now changing your outlook and giving you a taste for the new. Learn how to step up your own happiness with this transit.

Venus is now in an eccentric mood. In fact, the planet of love and happiness is seeking a broader audience as it crosses Aquarius with three other planetary hosts. This means that Venus is turning his benign eye to mass entertainment and unfamiliar crowds.

Both stern Saturn and unconventional Rahu rule Aquarius—which explains this sign’s near obsession for helping the lower classes and ameliorating society.

Other Aquarian interests include technology to break with the past, new ideas to reach out to the community and all kinds of innovative pursuits.

Venus in Aquarius

Aquarians think, “Collectively, we’re one and we must work together to right the wrongs of our time.” Eventually, they’ll set out to implement this philosophy.

Social platforms will now seem more attractive than your usual country club or gym.

1. Widen Your Horizon

Your relationship will benefit from attending media events together. You could also take your beloved to a large concert and you’ll really enjoy a new music genre.

You might suddenly become fascinated with astrology, in fact when Rahu likes something, he likes it a lot.

But your love for the suffering masses will grow, too.

As Dr. Pillai says, “Love is God,” so you’ll be truly happy when you allow your compassion to flow and offer loving assistance to the underprivileged.

Extending a helping hand to suffering animals—often on the receiving end of much cruelty—will contribute to making this a better world.

2. Different Does It

Once I asked an Aquarian seven-year-old what she was planning to wear at her birthday party that evening.

Her reply surprised me: “I’ll wear something wacky.” When I asked what “wacky” meant to her, she offered a typical Aquarian description—different, strange, unpretentious, eccentric and never-seen-before shocking.

So you might find that you’ve developed a sudden taste for that new trend that you promised you’d never fall for—and indulging your desire for the new will contribute to your happiness.

3. Secure Your Happiness Through Higher Vibes

Aquarius is an air sign.

Vayu or air is, according to the Vedas, an underlying fabric of the universe as it contains akasha or space.

With four planets in Aquarius — one of which is Ketu, the south lunar node—you can expect some tension or worry, as this energy is quite intense and restless. And, because the planet of optimism and hope—Jupiter—is under the influence of two malefic planets, you might occasionally lose heart.

If that’s the case for you and you’re feeling unsettled, you’re not alone and there’s help. To renew your faith in yourself and in God you can count on some Vedic remedial measures.

The Venus mantra OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA recited 108 times on Fridays (or daily) will shift your consciousness.

Fire rituals to Venus and Ketu will bring more powerful results, turn your situation around, bring you joy and financial gains.

Wishing you much happiness and love!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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