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Venus Debilitation in Virgo—A Submissive Season for your Love!

DateAugust 9, 2010


You will always yearn to dwell in the spring season of your love life; it is an ecstasy to exchange flowers, go out for coffee, and to hang out always, as you feel secured with your loved one near and dear to you. Have your ever thought the reason behind the joy of your love life?

Venus is the planet of love; aptly call it the power of love. Venus acts creatively behind every romantic move of yours. When Venus is in your favor, you will be gifted with happy moments in your love life. Your rapport with your romantic partner will be on the top gear. Luxuries and comforts will drench you and your partner in happiness. But, when Venus is debilitated, your romantic moments might be pebbly. Your love needs might not come to the fore. This is one such period! Venus debilitates in the sign Virgo. At this point of time, you might feel an emotional gap creeping in between you and your romantic partner letting room for arguments and cold wars.



Taureans and Libreans are prone to more pebbly moments in their love life; while Pisceans, Ariens and Scorpions derive good times for their love life from this debilitated Venus period. Call it a “neutral period” for Geminis, Capricorns, Leos, Aquarians and Virgos.

From a positive angle, this time is more of yours than anybody else’s. Venus in Virgo might make you lag behind in your relationship, but it puts forth an opportunity to enliven your health and soothe your inner peace. You can take your time out on leisurely activities to refill your energy molecules.

AstroVed has identified divine therapies for you to lessen your relationship stress and to acquire the divine power for rejuvenating your physical and mental health, as well. The combinations of these therapies are prescribed to cure your emotional problems and in turn gift you with peace and happiness all around. In short, call it a Divine spa that invigorates your body and soul!

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