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Vasanta Navaratri 2015: Meet Your Divine Mother Goddess

DateFebruary 18, 2015

You can approach your Divine Mother anytime but there are some special days when the Mother is readily available to shower Her blessings. Vasanta Navaratri, the nine auspicious days during Vasant (Spring) season are the days when you can easily approach the Mother Goddess and ask for Her grace.

Nine days of Navratri

Navratri is celebrated two times in a year, during spring and autumn. This is the time when seasonal changes take place.

Vasant Navaratri also called Spring Navaratri comes in the lunar month of Chitra (March-April). It is when the Nature erupts with joyful, creative, enthusiastic energy of the divine, beaming with life, and spreads vibrant colors all round. This is the time when you can easily access the creative feminine energy of the divine to bring positive transformations in your life.

Vasanta Navaratri 2015: Meet Your Divine Mother Goddess

Nine manifestations of feminine creative energies are invoked during these days to reinvigorate different energies within you. However, it is predominantly three forms of the Divine Mother – blessing us with wealth, knowledge and power, which are worshiped during Navaratri.

Invocation of different forms of Shakti

The first three days of the worship are for overcoming negative energies

Shakti means power. In Hinduism Shakti is the female counterpart of Shiva. The invocation of Shakti becomes necessary to overcome negative energies creating unfavorable situations in your life. Once these negative energies are cleared, you begin to experience the flow of positive divine energies within you.

Worship of fierce warrior Goddess Durga during the first three days of Navaratri helps in overcoming vices, impurities and imperfections. The Goddess strengthens your will-power and brings peace in relationship. Her energy counteracts the malefic effects of Rahu in your birth chart.

The next three days are for acquiring wealth & prosperity

Once the negative energies are out, room is created for welcoming peace and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi, the archetype of material gains is propitiated during these days to bring you blessings for acquiring pleasures, comforts and beauty in your life.

You are able to overcome debts and financial difficulties and enjoy harmonious relationship with your spouse.

Blessings for gaining knowledge and wisdom on the last three days

Without knowledge and intelligence you cannot value power and wealth. Knowledge opens up new avenues, brings you peace of mind and success. Worshipping goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of learning and higher intelligence, on the last three days of Navaratri will bestow upon you aptitude to develop your learning skills, boost creativity, and acquire expertise in various forms of art etc.

Saraswati represents creativity that unites vital cosmic energy and human life-force. Her four hands represent four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego.

Vasanta Navaratri 2015 begins on March 21st (IST). Welcome the Divine Mother Goddess to awaken the power within you.


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