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Vasant Navaratri : 9 Nights of Springtime Renewal

On March 03, 2018

Vasant Navaratri is an annual grand festival lasting 9 nights honoring the power of the archetype of the divine feminine. Vasant means Spring, and Navaratri means Nine Nights. Vasant Navaratri occurs in the Tamil month of Chitra (mid-March to mid-April).

Vasant Navararti

Dr. Pillai has said: “Female power is the most powerful Energy. Beauty, expansion, fertility, joy, abundance – all these are qualities of the Feminine. It is only available during certain configurations of celestial timing. Yogis eagerly watch for this time to be in harmony with the power of the Mother Goddess.”

During Vasant Navarati, the Goddess showers abundant blessings to get rid of negativities and cure diseases. She has the power to overcome the negative energies that create unfavorable situations in human life. Her astonishing light can cut through darkness in our world and empower prosperity and knowledge into the lives of those who seek Her help through ceremonies and prayers.


It is said Nava also means “new” or “to renew.” The nine nights of Vasant Navaratri are prime energy times for renewing our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual energies. This festival is one of the annual “best times”. These nine nights provide opportunity to rewire our brain with logical as well as creative dendrites.


Dendrites are short, branched extensions of nerve cells. They help disseminate incoming electrochemical stimulation from other neural cells to the cell body. Growth of dendrites is said to be involved in memory formation and learning. The picture above is a dendritic cell / antigen-presenting immune cell in 3D illustration.

Positive energies from the Goddess released during Vasant Navaratri can renew our well-being, our outlook and our joy in living. Modern science is learning that neural connections in our brain can be literally changed with new habits of positive thoughts.

AstroVed celebrates these 9 springtime nights of the Goddess with special Vedic technology. The rituals unleash energies of renewal from the Goddess into the lives of sponsors and the world for increased creativity, success and abundance.

As always, everyone at AstroVed is wishing you well.

Written by Swamini Valli Wells

Swamini Valli is available for ½-hour and 1-hour Live Astrologer Consultations (LAC) at AstroVed (USD global version only). She encourages people to create a free account at AstroVed and run free reports about their own Birth Chart, Birth Star, Moon Sign, and Planetary Influences. This is a simple way to begin to make friends with astrology. She invites everyone to join Facebook group for Astrology Club – AstroVed.

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