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Ultimate Guidance For Money Miracles: Ask the Gold Goddess

DateApril 26, 2016

Until recently, spirituality was associated with renunciation and downright poverty. That’s likely the reason many innocent people trying to make ends meet, feed their families and guaranty a roof over their heads were inclined to walk away from God.

Goddesses, too, were forgotten despite being the epitome of life itself. Living across all culture and having taught humanity how to enjoy both material and spiritual energy, they symbolized much of our highest potential.

But now great spiritual masters, including Dr. Pillai, are bringing back the truth about the invisible worlds and their inhabitants.

These archetypal forces are flooding our consciousness just as we find ourselves at a crucial crossroads.

We can either continue to struggle, work hard and fail to succeed in acquiring financial security. Or we can tap into the spiritual knowledge and scientific techniques our ancient ancestors left for us.


The secrets of the Siddhas

In India, the Siddhas lived in seclusion, shunned the world and spent their entire lives learning secrets of the cosmos, devising ways to help humanity out of their conundrums.

What they discovered could shatter our current scientific paradigm, because for eons they were able to contact loving, otherworldly beings—calling them aliens or Gods.

Being mathematical masters of astronomy and astrology, the Siddhas identified potent time shaktis (or windows) to channel miraculous energy stemming from the Gods and planets.

Akshaya Tritiya is one such time—the 3rd waxing lunar phase on May 8 EDT (May 9 IST)—the most powerful time in the entire year for acquiring endless wealth that won’t diminish with time!

This is an extraordinary stream of wealth consciousness coming to earth. You can tap into this golden opportunity provided that you are both aware of it and know what to do.

So here for you: some quick steps to connect with a lovely, shining Goddess—known in India as Lakshmi—to get to know her and receive unimaginable amounts of gold and silver, the two favored, most precious metals in the heavens.

Bio of the Goddess

Appearing serene and radiant, Lakshmi’s ethereal and exquisite form has captured the imagination of artists and mystics. Representing astonishing beauty, endless prosperity and wearing a gold crown, she’s clad in pure white, sunrise pinks, shimmery and silvery clothes trimmed in golden yellow.

Lakshmi is the overlord of Venus, the planet of love and wealth. This Goddess delivers all auspiciousness on earth: gentleness, refinement, good luck, elegance, gracious speech and gestures, comfortable, pleasant surroundings, attractive objects, masterful artwork and shiny gems, especially diamonds.

It’s said that when Lakshmi is offended by egotistical and disrespectful behaviors, she leaves in a whiff and even heaven is devastated when she’s gone.

She often sits cross-legged on a pink lotus, flanked by two white-as-snow elephants, holding a large, glowing pot of yellow gold coins streaming gently onto the ground. She rides a pure white owl, symbolizing wisdom and far sightedness.

Lakshmi is married to Vishnu, the lord and preserver of the world. Her treasurer is Kubera.

What to Do on Askhaya Tritiya

Part 1

  • If you don’t already have one, download images of Lakshmi and Vishnu.
  • If you own their statues, it’s even better.
  • Get a picture of Venus, if possible.
  • Clean your house the best you can.
  • Bathe or shower and wear clean or new clothes.
  • Sit in a quiet possibly in front of an altar.
  • Offer the following gifts to the Goddess and her consort: a lit lamp (or candle), some fragrant, burning incense, fruits and sweets (the larger the amounts of food, the better). Offer flowers—white and gold colors are Lakshmi’s favorites.
  • Offer a cup of fresh, cold and clean water.
  • Offer a small cup with ground turmeric mixed with white rice (uncooked is fine).
  • With your right hand, sprinkle some water on the fruits and sweets. Sprinkle some water on the flowers.
  • Close your eyes. Visualize Lakshmi in her splendid form with the attributes found in her bio.
  • Or you can close your eyes and wait for a personalized version of her coming to you.
  • Visualize the color purple.
  • Try to muster a feeling of love and devotion for her.
  • Softly or mentally recite the sounds OM SHREEM LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA 27 times. If you have time, try 108 times.
  • Recite also the sound waves for Venus OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA 27 times.
  • Invoke Vishnu with the sounds OM NAMO NARAYANAYA at least 54 times.
  • Invoke her treasurer with OM KUBERAYA NAMAHA three times.

Part 2

  • With your eyes closed, visualize the Goddess.
  • Visualize her coming close to you and showering you with coins made of yellow gold.
  • Visualize gold everywhere. Ask the Goddess to be generous with you by bringing you lots of gold that won’t run out.
  • Make a vow that in turn you’ll be generous with others.
  • Write some goals for acquiring wealth.
  • Trust Lakshmi’s intervention and thank her with love and gratitude.

Part 3

  • No time? Or want to take these rituals a major step further? You can sponsor rituals (especially fire rituals) to Lakshmi, Vishnu and Kubera on this special day.
  • Donate clothes to the poor.
  • Or donate food.
  • If you have access to horses (symbols of power), cows (symbols of love and abundance) and elephants (symbols of royalty), you can feed them some bananas (or other fruits and vegetables). Mentally thank these animal for their sacrifices and service to humanity.

Wishing you happiness and long-lasting prosperity on Akshaya Tritiya!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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