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The Transit of Jupiter: More Instability for Finances

DateDecember 2, 2008

Contributing Astrologer: Ramkumar

Jupiter also called as ‘Guru’ is the teacher of science of light which includes astronomy and astrology. Jupiter controls all mental faculties and is a very important central aspect of the Navagrahas or the nine planet system in Vedic astrology. This year, Jupiter transit takes place on 6th of December 2008, based on Vaakya almanac and on 9th December 2008 based on Ephemeris. It moves into the sign Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. This transit will bring mixed results in general to all of us. While financial institutions will struggle to cope up with the energies associated with this transit, there is still some hope for people for whom Jupiter is favorably placed in their charts.

Jupiter is a benevolent planet and takes care of events associated with marriage, money making, wealth and children. When favorably placed, the native will find that heavens open up to him or her. Specifically when Jupiter is exalted or is placed in its own house, the person will enjoy high status and power. When unfavorably placed, the native would see lot of obstacles coming his way, particularly for money making initiatives.

Jupiter is the planet that also governs banks and the sign Capricorn is the sign of sacrifice. Capricorn has the characteristics of patience as governed by Saturn. Jupiter the planet that governs money, children, royal, fortune etc., entering this sign will constrict these tendencies and radiate with energy that is not for global welfare. The sign Capricorn is the debilitation sign of Jupiter. As Jupiter moves from a high energy Sagittarius to a low energy Capricorn, the stage is set for more and more financial and job crisis in the world. Jupiter will create opportunities for change in your career. This Jupiter transit also has the characteristic to ring in changes in the political arena all around the world.

Jupiter will be uncomfortable during its transit in the sign Capricorn. Jupiter moves with more speed than the usual 1 year transit time in this sign. He remains here for only 6 months which is unusual. Jupiter’s approach, conjunction, and separation from Rahu, also currently in Capricorn, will influence the Options market and Forex market. Expect high volatility to the upside and downside.

The chart below shows you how Jupiter will affect you with this transit on December 9th.

Moon Sign

Transit of Jupiter




Aries Jupiter in the 10th house
There will be professional gains. Increase in income. Improvement in status. Spiritual travel. Harmony in relationship and the family members. Buying of properties. Repaying of loans and debts. Gain from Parents. Change of place due to profession. Positive change in career. Win over enemies. Court case favors. Material comforts increase.
There will be unwanted expenses. You may meet medical expense through mother and against furnishing or repairing the house. You may be away from home. Decline from rank or high post.
Taurus Jupiter in the 9th house
You could receive honors and prestigious awards. Growth in children’s welfare brings happiness. Short trip is in the offing. You will be blessed with sudden gains; gains through siblings. People in communication field succeed. Communication and commission fetch monetary benefits. Change in Career for good. Selling of property will yield gains. Spiritual practice and attending spiritual retreat.
Disputes in parental property and legal cases. Disappointment or delay in fulfillment of desires. Lack of harmony with family members. Arguments and disputes.
Gemini Jupiter in the 8th house
Monetary gains and benefits to life partner. Purchasing of new vehicle and property by availing a loan for heavy interest. Sudden gains. Pilgrimage. Employment in Government sector or Contracts from Government. Overseas travel.
Health ailments to spouse. Profession and business struggle. Accidents. Disharmony in the family. Financial crisis. Mental tensions and bouts of depressions.
Cancer Jupiter in the 7th house
Increase in financial status. Support from friends and relatives. Good health. Sudden gains through spouse family members. Entering into relationship. New job opportunities. Increase in social status. Short trips. Harmonious relationship and benefits from siblings.
Health ailments to parents. A lack of harmony with the spouse. Accidents. Delay in ventures. Change in career. Hospitalization or confinement to bed.
Leo Jupiter in the 6th house
Harmony in relationships. Visit to pilgrimage and inclination towards spiritualism. Giving birth to child. New job opportunities especially in government sector. Comfortable sleep. Auspicious expenses.
Business struggle due to financial crunch. Availing loans and debts. Expense through travel, mother, children and spouse. Separation from mother. Health ailments. Trouble from enemies.
Virgo Jupiter in the 5th house
Your prestige increases. Honors are heading your way. Benefits through spouse and business partner. Purchase of home needs. Gains through parents, property, children, speculation and fine arts. Fulfillment of Desires. Long travel or overseas travels. Arrival of new born. Self development and increase in self confidence.
Discomforts or ill health to children and parents. Sell property against settling loans or debts. Decline in business.
Libra Jupiter in the 4th house
Auspicious expense. Purchasing of jewels to spouse and children. Business and Profession stabilize and bring gains. New job opportunities. Property and children bring gain.
Debts increase through business or through buying property. Ailments to parents. Disputes through money. Expense through wife and business partner. Discontent in job/ career. Quarrels or enmity with friends.
Scorpio Jupiter in the 3rd house
Marital harmony, improvement in financial status. Growth in children’s welfare. Win over problem. Promotion in career. People in communication and logistics score well. Long travel. Change of place for good. Honor and prestige through government. Gains through legal disputes.
Ailments or separation from younger siblings. Disappointment in travel. Loss in selling property. Danger to Parents. Obstacles in travels.
Sagittarius Jupiter in the 2nd house
Professional gains. Court case will be ruled in your favor. Recovery from major disease. Name and Fame increase. Communication, commission, and siblings bring gain. Social status increase. Positive turning point in life. Participation in competition and wining of prices. Increase in wealth.
Discomforts, depression and confusions. Dissatisfaction and disappointment through Mother. Arguments with family members with respect to finance.
Capricorn Jupiter in the 1st house
Auspicious expenses, marital harmony, growth in children’s welfare. Fulfilling spouse’s desire. Increase in self confidence. Making good decisions. Sudden gains.
Unwanted expense through travels. Dispute in parental properties. Discomforts. Away from birth place and home. Delay and disappointments. Lethargy or disappointment.
Aquarius Jupiter in the 12th house
Purchasing property and jewels. Long travel. Gains through communication and property. Sanction of pending loans. Positive transformation. Change of place for good. Long distance travel.
Debts due to buying property or repairing house. Sell property to repay loans. Misfortune and failures.
Pisces Jupiter in the 11th house
Increase in gains, improvements in business, short travels, growth in children welfare, marital harmony. Gains through children, speculation, and fine arts. Recovery from disease and debts. Win over enemies. Change of place due to profession. Increase in status. Fulfillment of desires. Gains through friends. Conjugal felicity.
Ailments to mother. Delay in return of money lent. Availing new loans to pay off the old loans. Separation from family.

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