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The Ninth House: About You

How to Interpret Your Own Ninth House

Summary of the Steps: It’s Easy!
In order to help you understand the nature of your Compassion & Grace karma, we will walk you through a few steps. First you will learn what Sign has your 9th House and how that Sign affects your capacity for Compassion and Grace, and other 9th house indicators, such as father and father figures, spiritual preceptors, overall luck, long-distance travel and spiritual practices and beliefs. Then, we will get more specific in accessing your 9th House by examining the Planets placed in that House, and also where the “ruler” of your Ninth House is placed. This will all be very easy to do. Finally, we will test your knowledge with a Quiz using Oprah Winfrey’s chart.

First, you need to know what your 9th House sign is. To do this:

  1. Log into Astroved
  2. Run the “Chart Report”
  3. On the chart, it will indicate your 9th House with the number 9 in the box. The blue letters in the same box indicate the Sign. For your reference the abbreviated sign names are listed below.
Symbol Sign Name
Ar Aries
Ta Taurus
Ge Gemini
Ca Cancer
Le Leo
Vi Virgo
Li Libra
Sc Scorpio
Sg Sagittarius
Cp Capricorn
Aq Aquarius
Pi Pisces

Now that you know which sign your 9th House is, read the description for the Sign that rules your 9th House of “Compassion & Grace”. This description suggests some general inclinations you will have due to this Sign ruling your 9th House. As you read the description, also make note of the Ruling Planet. We will use this in Step 4 to better understand the specifics of your 9th House karma.

We remind you that there are many factors which influence your chart, your karma/dharma and your life, including condition of the Planet ruling a House, condition of Planets in a House, and what Dasha (planetary) period you are currently running. The ruling Planet colors the qualities of the House indicators.

Ninth House Ruling Planet “Compassion & Grace” Nature
Aries Mars The most auspicious planet for Leo rising, Mars brings yearning and learning of higher knowledge and good fortune in attaining home, comforts and happiness. Mars energizes the quest for higher consciousness.
Taurus Venus Venus as Lord of the 2nd House as well as the 9th brings refined speech. Refinement and good wealth can come through father or preceptors. Venus brings energies of heart and devotion to one’s path.
Gemini Mercury Spiritual pursuits likely through the path of jnana yoga (path of knowledge). Travel for spiritual quests and to gain knowledge and teaching. Mercury enlivens the mind to seek truth.
Cancer Moon Moon is most auspicious as ruler of the 9th and brings blessings and spiritual consciousness to the house in which it is posited. Emotional nature to spiritual expression, seeks nurturing qualities from religious/spiritual path. Moon brings qualities of caring.
Leo Sun Sun, representing the soul, brings a deep spiritual nature, reverence for spiritual preceptors and quality of nobility to the spirit. The Sun illuminates one’s search and brings brilliance.
Virgo Mercury Hard-working in manifesting spiritual goals (as Mercury also owns the 6th house of work). Can become over zealous in spiritual beliefs/pursuits; drive for knowing truth through intellectual discovery. Mercury brings zest to one’s quest.
Libra Venus Quest for higher knowledge and degrees, refined parents, cultural gain through travel. Venus helps one evaluate the worth of one’s path and reveals the path with heart is worth walking.
Scorpio Mars Favors wealth, as Mars is the Dhana (wealth) planet also ruling the 2nd house. Driven to speak the truth. Money gains can come involving long distance travel. Mars brings gifts of healing energies.
Sagittarius Jupiter Favors travel in pursuit of knowledge. Jupiter graces any house it is posited in. Jupiter is expansive with blessings.
Capricorn Saturn Saturn is Raja Yoga planet, bringing power, prestige and success through persistent self-effort. Saturn gives endurance to following a path.
Aquarius Saturn Saturn brings knowledge of higher consciousness, often through austerities and purification of the mind (as ruler of the 8th). Saturn gives loyalty to one’s higher ideals.
Pisces Jupiter Favors career in law, politics or related field. Drive for truth and justice. Jupiter brings energies of sharing what one learns with others.

Once you have identified which sign is your Ninth House, the next step in understanding aspects of your “Compassion & Grace” House is to know which Planets most directly influence it and modify its nature.

To do this, run the “Chart Report” on Astroved. Examine your 9th House and note any Planets in that sign, then read the descriptions for each Planet that you have in your 9th House to see how they affect your 9th House indicators.

Planet in the 9th House General Effect If Afflicted
Sun Much grace: happiness from friends, family and dharma. Prominent father, strong life mentor present. Good for wealth. Empowers right action. Father’s health or relationship to him can be problematic. Must be respectful to one’s guru.
Moon Devotional nature, good fortune, supportive parents, good wealth, learned, happiness from family. Success in publishing. Sorrow from parental difficulties. Incomplete higher education
Mars Passion in spiritual pursuits, good status. Can bring a lot of energy to a movement or cause. Likes adventuresome partners. Accident prone, irreligious, deceptive
Mercury Eloquent speaker, learned in spiritual matters, good overall luck. Wise thinking. Influential friends. Delusion regarding spiritual knowledge. Poor concentration.
Jupiter Great luck and fortunes in life. A grace-filled life. Wealth, fame, leader, possible minister or other spiritual teacher/leader. Principled person. Overseas travel. Difficulties with father relationship, hindered luck. Extravagant.
Venus Luck comes through women. Great refinement, possess luxury material comforts, learned, devotional. Charitable deeds. Attractive mates. Relates well with others. Obstacles through father. Overindulgent.
Saturn Conservative spiritual nature/beliefs. Oriented towards tapas (austerities), wisdom through much experience and years of living. Can favor a ‘foreign’ religion/spiritual beliefs. Interest in social welfare programs. Analytical. Harsh nature, god-less, unfavorable for well being of the father. Tendency to lie.
Rahu Unconventional or non-traditional religious/spiritual pursuits. Potential for community leadership. Innovative. Potential to go on pilgrimages. Talented in work. Cruel, difficulty from opponents and father. Schemer.
Ketu Deeply connected to the spiritual value of life. Can perform sacrifice for good cause. Valorous. Adaptable. Travels to shrines and religious sites. Can be duped by false prophets. Arrogance, short-temper.

To help you determine whether your 9th House will tend to have the negative influence mentioned above, check in the following chart. If your 9th House Sign has an “enemy” planet in it, then you will have more proclivity to the negative effects. Rahu and Ketu are not listed, as they are generally considered unfavorable for all Signs. The 9th House is considered the most auspicious House in the chart, so Planets in general are favored here.

9th House Sign Friend Neutral Enemy
Aries Jupiter Sun Mars Moon Saturn Mercury Venus
Taurus Mercury Sun Saturn Venus   Jupiter Moon Mars
Gemini Saturn Mercury Venus Moon Jupiter Mars Sun
Cancer Jupiter Mars Moon Sun Saturn Mercury Venus
Leo Jupiter Mars Sun Moon Saturn Mercury Venus
Virgo Venus Mercury Saturn Sun Jupiter Mars Moon
Libra Saturn Mercury Venus Moon Jupiter Sun Mars
Scorpio Jupiter Sun Moon Mars   Saturn Mercury Venus
Sagittarius Jupiter Sun Mars Moon Mercury Saturn Venus
Capricorn Venus Mercury Saturn   Moon Jupiter Sun Mars
Aquarius Venus Saturn Jupiter Mercury Moon Mars Sun
Pisces Mars Moon Jupiter   Saturn Venus Mercury Sun

The final step in understanding your personal 9th House is to examine where your 9th House’s Planetary Ruler is placed in your chart and what that means for you. Remember, the Planetary Ruler can be found in the chart in Step 2. Now, look again at your Chart Report. In what Sign is the Planetary Ruler of your 9th House? For instance, you may find that you have a Leo 9th House. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun. The Chart Report would show you in which House your Sun is placed. Perhaps your Sun is in your 10th House.

The placement of your 9th House Planetary Ruler will tell you how your Compassion & Grace karma will be experienced by you in this lifetime. So, in our example, if your ruling 9th House Planet is the Sun and placed in your 10th House (“Profession”) of Virgo, this favors a strong career in the public.

Keep in mind that as the Planets have a range of values, so do placement of Planets in the Houses. Below are some indications of each House:

Planet that rules the 9th House is in your … How your Compassion & Grace Karma is Shaped
1st House Much luck throughout life, things come with grace and ease, charisma and sense of refinement and dignity. Father is a strong positive influence in your life. Charitable nature. Devoted to teacher.
2nd House Eloquent speaker, esp. on topics of a spiritual or philosophical nature. Father or preceptors can assist in making income. Money may come easy; care is called for wise spending habits. Happy home life.
3rd House Strong, happy relations with siblings, siblings have good fortune in their lives. Very creative and courageous with strong inclination to spiritual pursuits. Friendly. May have talent in writing.
4th House Benefic to all 4th house matters, fortune to the mother, spiritual practices bring personal happiness and worldly comforts. Good for property and educational projects. Good-hearted. Sets good example for others.
5th House Good luck in speculative ventures, happiness and great benefit from children, strong spiritual mentorship (father or preceptor), deep spiritual character. Sincere in offering prayers. Intelligent.
6th House Luck in overcoming adversaries and disputes. Father can be in healing profession or, if afflicted, sickly father or enmity with father. Does service for religious people.
7th House Grace through marriage and/or partnership. Mate is very spiritual and relationship includes much long distance travel. Spiritually inclined.
8th House Interest/capacity for the occult, mysticism. Loss of luck, difficulties with/for the father. May have periods of loneliness.
9th House Very auspicious placement. Favors long distance journeys for spiritual gains, great overall luck and notable father. Ability to lead and inspire others.
10th House Very favorable. Strong for career success, leadership, well thought of, luck career breaks, refinement and eloquence to career persona. Participates in humanitarian activities.
11th House Great benefits and support from friends. Favorable for gains from investments. Unexpected doors often open for you. Wants to live a righteous life.
12th House Strong for spiritual pursuits and attainment (12th house is enlightenment). Luck can be dampened or bring difficulties to the father. Generous. Spends for the welfare of others.

By means of another example, if your 9th House is Libra, then your Planetary Ruler is Venus. When you look at your chart, you see that Venus is placed in its own Sign of Libra in the 9th House. Venus, being the Planet of divine love and the feminine, can bring an interest and/or practice of the divine feminine in some form. A devotional nature would be indicated (i.e. pursuit of God through the heart) as well as abundant overall luck in life.

At this point, you now have an understanding of:

  1. What sign rules your 9th House
  2. What planets, if any, are in your 9th house
  3. What planet rules your 9th house; and
  4. In which house your ruling 9th house planet is placed in your chart.

This will give you a good basic comprehension of which Signs and Planets are influencing your compassion and grace. If you have 2 or more Planets in your 9th House, look to which of the Planets are weak and causing you difficulties based on the descriptions of the Planets above. Then remedy that Planet!

When Compassion & Grace Karma Become Active
Living a grace-filled life and finding fulfillment of our spiritual destiny are part of a life well lived. But there are times when the lessons and opportunities for growth in these areas are most pronounced. To see if you are in a period especially influencing your 9th house issues, run your “Planetary Influence” report in Astroved for free. This report will tell you your “major” and “minor” planetary period, called Dasha (major) and Bukti (minor). If your major or minor planet is either the Ruler of your 9th House or in the 9th House, this will be a time of increased focus on 9th House conditions. If the Planet is good for you, look for increased overall luck, opportunities for travel, esp. for spiritual quests. If unfavorable, then there can be difficulties or changes in spiritual direction or practices, false prophets, or difficulties for the father.

9th House Remedies
What Can I do about my 9th House afflictions? There are several options to remedy ill effects of the Planets affecting your Ninth House.

There are secret mantras to help appease a Planet that is destined to cause you problems. The powerful and secret mantra to improve your 9th House affairs can be found on the Personal Transformation Video for Level 9.

There are also planetary remedies you can do based upon your newfound analysis. First, to strengthen your Ninth house, you can chant the mantra of the planet that rules your Ninth house. The mantras for each house can be found on the Astroved site. Astroved is unique in that it also offers “Virtual Poojas” that combine Mantra and Visual depictions of the planets. This is another powerful way to win the grace of a planet that is not in your favor. Click here to try a virtual pooja now for free.

Alternative Ways to Propitiate a Planet
You can propitiate a planet on the day of your 9th house ruler. For instance if Mars is the ruler of your 9th House (i.e. Gemini or Virgo), then on Wednesday, the day ruled by Mars, you can try fasting during daylight hours, but eat before sunrise and after sundown or remain vegetarian the entire day.

Depending upon the level of the affliction that planet is causing you, you can perform a fire ritual (called a homa or yagna) or pooja. Please see Astroved > Remedies >Planetary >Fire Rituals for more information.

Astrologer Consultation:
Let our astrologers sending you their recommendations for your personalized remedy for your Ninth house. See our specials page for details.

In order to give a concrete example of 9th House analysis, take the quiz below based on Oprah Winfrey’s chart. Venus is the planet indicating relationships in general or the karaka for relationships. For women, Jupiter is the karaka for their mate.

Take our Ninth House quiz now >>

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    You can propitiate a planet on the day of your 9th house ruler. For instance if Mars is the ruler of your 9th House (i.e. Gemini or Virgo), then on Wednesday, the day ruled by Mars, you can try fasting during daylight hours, but eat before sunrise and after sundown or remain vegetarian the entire day.

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    You can consult our senior astrologer panel as per the details below and clarify with your questions ;

    We request you to please sign up as a free member on our website, http://www.Astroved.com and order the required astrologer services as indicated below online :

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