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The lesson from Viswamitra

DateJanuary 30, 2018

Viswamitra was a great king who lived in India at a different time period (Yuga in Sanskrit). He was born in a warrior class of kings and had distinguished himself in all kinds of martial arts and military activities. The country passed through a very severe economic depression and there was not enough food for the people. The king was distressed and wanted to find out means for rectifying it. One day while hunting, he encountered ‘Kamadhenu’ the wish fulfilling cow. This divine cow is capable of providing whatever you wished for in life. It was a gift that Sage Vasista got from Lord Shiva after years and years of penance and meditation. The king thought that the cow would be useful to his people who were suffering from extreme poverty. He wanted the sage to sell the cow to him. He explained to Vasista that he would put the cow to good use and that there was no better financial instrument than Kamadhenu. Vasista agreed that the cow had tremendous power, but said that he won’t be able to part with the cow, because it was earned through penance.


Vasista made it clear that the cow was not something you could buy and sell. Viswamitra, being the king of the land would not take ‘no’ for an answer. He now demanded the cow from Vasista using his royal power. Vasista again declined. Viswamitra decided to take the cow by force and sent his army to capture the ‘cow’. The cow was kicking the solders with its four legs. It flew into the air and descended on the army of people killing them. No body could hear Kamadhenu. In the meantime the king went on single combat with Vasista. He shot arrows to kill Vasista. But the arrows through the interventure of Lord Shiva turned into flower gardens and fell at the feet of Vasista. Viswamitra did not know what to do.

For a moment he was confused and angry. But on reflection, it dawned on him that all his martial arts training and his temporal power as a king was useless when compared to the power of Vasista who was able to do miracles through his spiritual powers. Viswamitra decided to give up his temporal power and suggest to go after spiritual attainment. After many years of disciplining his mind Viswamitra also attained miraculous powers. I want to recount the story of Viswamitra because it proves my thesis, the highest is the easiest. Vasista did not have to fight; he can transform arrows into flowers.

What We Learn From This?

When you connect deeply with Lord Shiva and offer your sincere prayers to him, he shall protect you at your most difficult times and guide you through your hardships. You would be blessed with miracles with Shiva’s supreme power turning your every obstacle or difficulty into a flower garland round your neck. Maha Shivaratri is the ideal time to access Shiva’s energies and reach higher consciousness. On this special night, Shiva’s energy fills the earth plane and can fulfill the wishes of his ardent devotees. Participate in our Maha Shivaratri power rituals to receive the grace and blessings of Lord Shiva.


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