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The Big Night of Shiva and The Big 13th Moon: Maha Shivaratri and Maha Sani Pradosham

On March 09, 2010

Various phases of the Moon control our physical, psychological as well as material fortune. This is one of the greatest findings of the ancient Vedic seers of India. The 13th Moon in every month, beginning roughly 2 hours before the sunset, everyone has an opportunity to dissolve their bad karma through the Grace of Shiva. Similarly, the night of the monthly 14th waning Moon is called Shivaratri, the Night of Shiva. This is also an auspicious time to receive Shiva's Blessing.

Never, ever miss these two events.
Every 13th Moon, called Pradosham, is the time to dissolve bad karma through the Grace of Shiva. This is the general rule. Nevertheless there are some very special 13th Moon phases, especially when the 13th Moon coincides with Saturday. Any 13th Moon Phase on a Saturday is called "Maha Pradosham" or "Sani Pradosham" as Saturday is ruled by Saturn (Sani), a Lord of Karma. This Maha Sani Pradosham is a great time to receive Lord Shiva's Blessing to remove strong karma.
Regular observance of Pradosham prayer and homa will be the most effect way to deal with our problems. On March 13th, there is a rare Saturday with 13th Moon Phase occurrence in India. (Special Note: Pradosham occurs in North America on Friday evening, March 12th, due to the time-zone difference. You will still completely benefit from the Sani Pradosham poojas here in India). Baba has commissioned a special ceremony on that day (see below for details).

Maha Shivaratri
This Pradosham besides being a special one is very unique because of its proximity to the Big Night of Shiva. The Big Night of Shiva occurs on the evening of Saturday March 13th. On Shivaratri Night, Shiva descends into the earth-plane to control and destroy negativity. Let us not miss this great Big Night of Shiva to solve our money, family, health and other problems. Keep a vigil the whole night of Shivaratri, chanting "Om Va Ya Na Ma Shi", the greatest mantra revealed by Dattatriya Siva Baba. People have experienced miracles with this mantra.

The Greatest Mantra: "Om Va Ya Na Ma Shi"
This year Maha Shivaratri is celebrated twice, following 2 different almanacs. The first was celebrated on February 11th in the West/February 12th in India, and the second is on March 13th.

Three Ways to Dissolve Your Karma on Maha Sani Pradosham :
We are offering the ability for you to own the energy of two powerful karma dissolving vortexes for your own home use throughout the year. We will be energizing crystal Shiva Lingas during this upcoming Maha Sani Pradosham at Makaral and Penadam temples in Tamil Nadu which have been hand-picked by Baba.

Makaral Temple
Makaral, a temple about 100 miles away from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has been identified by Baba as the vortex with the energy to remove karma very fast. Jnanasambanda, the child prodigy saint/siddha from earlier days in Tamil Nadu, mentioned Makaral as the fastest karma-removing vortex. Lord Shiva appeared here as a golden lizard, and the temple tower has statues showing that story. The image of the Shiva Linga is peculiar at this temple. Rather than rounded at the top, it is pointed upward like a lizard tail or like a sword blade.

Penadam Temple
Penadam is another temple identified by Jnanasambanda who went to this temple and asked how to attain the highest liberation in the shortest amount of time. It was revealed to him that a ritual done at Penadam would have the effect of bypassing thousands of years, and many lifetimes of even the most severe penances, sincerest of prayers, deepest of meditations, innumerable rounds of chanting, and even the ultimate of good deeds done. One can attain the greatest merit at the temple, which is to see Lord Shiva and transform the body in the highest of enlightenment.

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