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10 Things To Donate On Akshaya Tritiya

DateMarch 9, 2017

Day of Abundance – Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya means unlimited or inexhaustible – which never deteriorates. It is considered the most auspicious day to start a new venture.

Vedic Astrologers say that this day is free from all malefic effects and any auspicious activities like buying gold, house, vehicle, property, new clothes, marriage ceremony and house warming ceremony can be performed on this day.

Donate On Akshaya Tritiya

Day of Charity – Akha Teej

It is the most powerful day to do charities. Anything you give today multiplies and comes back as bountiful blessings. It is one of the most important times for wealth building.

In the Bhagavad Gita, it is recommended that one should do charity without expecting any returns on days like Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and auspicious days like Akshaya Tritiya. It is also said that one should do charity in a place of pilgrimage or in temples and to a worthy Brahmin.

Things to Donate and their Merits – Akshaya Tritiya

This year Akshaya Tritiya falls on May 7th, Tuesday and the benefits of doing prayers, homas (Fire Labs), Tarpanam, charity on this day will never diminish and the blessings will stay in abundance with the person forever.

Hindu Texts say that donating the following things on Akshaya Tritiya can earn merits or punya that can make one happy and blessed.

  • Donate Kum Kum – Can help you gain status in life and ensure longevity of husband
  • Donate Betel Leaves – Can make a man ruler of a nation
  • Donate Bed or Mattress – can bless you with all happiness you seek
  • Donate slippers – Can prevent you going to hell after this lifetime
  • Donate coconut – last seven generations can get attain salvation
  • Clothes to poor people – Can free you from diseases
  • Water with Betel nut to Brahmin – Can enjoy immense wealth blessing
  • Fruits – Can help you secure a higher position in life
  • Milk, butter, buttermilk – Can help you progress in academics and other studies
  • Grains – Can keep you protected from untimely death
  • Performing Tarpanam – Can help you get rid of poverty
  • Curd Rice – Can help you get over negativity and achieve your goals in life
  • Guru Dakshina – Can bestow you with immense knowledge

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