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Sun Transit, May 15th – Blessings for a Brighter Life!

DateMay 10, 2011


Sun is the supreme source in the solar system that strengthens your life with good health, wealth, success and happiness in life. You can follow His lead and plan your year accordingly for successful accomplishments. This Sun transit which occurs on May 15th marks a valuable time to gain the blessings of Sun God for the complete enlightenment in life. It’s the ideal period to realize your opportunities for successful endeavors.


Sun Transit


Power Up Your Life through Sun Transit

According to the golden saying, “Make Hay While the Sun Shines,” you have to take advantage of a brief and bright opportunity while it is still there. It is essential to understand the significance of Sun transit and act accordingly without wasting a single moment.

The Sun stays in each sign for a period of one month thereby powering or magnifying any characteristics of the house He is in. For everything there is a season. But Sun’s exceptional and all powerful divine nature can bless anyone at anytime with everything and anything.



Beneficial Effects of Sun

The effect of the Sun’s transit through each of the houses will favor:

Financial gains
Harmony at home
Annihilation of enemies
Success in efforts
Good health status

Sun rules your brain, embodies your conscious mind and directs you in a right path of life. Sun is the psychological bias which will dominate your actions. You can follow His lead and plan your year accordingly for successful accomplishments.

You can make great moves through the Sun transit and harness the power. It is necessary to know what each transit is going to bring for you, that is, the positions of various signs and their effects of beneficial energy.

Sun is the Supreme Ruler of the solar system with the most responsibility. He is the main planet of integrity and accountability. It is through the Sun that we learn how to master our power. The Sun shines light on the seemingly mysterious universe.

Time for Enlightenment

You can access the energy of Sun and seek His blessings for successful accomplishments and to fulfill all your wishes in life by performing the powerful rituals to Sun God. You can maintain the connection to the Sun’s energy throughout its move in the houses in which the Sun will empower its benefits in you.



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