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Skanda Shasti : Muruga’s 6 Special Abodes

DateOctober 17, 2018

Muruga: The God of Tamils

Muruga, also known in many other names such as Subramanya, Karthikeya, Shanmuga, and Skanda, is a highly popular God worshipped in South India. He is the divine son of Lord Shiva and his consort, Goddess Parvati and remains a unique personality, a rare combination of immense courage and supreme intelligence. He stays at the core of all divine energies and is believed to lead one towards spiritual evolution. Muruga is regarded principally as a Tamil God and is widely worshipped all over the state, and also in other parts of the world, where the Tamils have settled in good numbers.


Six Abodes of Lord Muruga

Muruga is believed to have subdued the mighty demon Surapadma and relieved the world of their oppression, and that Shasti day is celebrated as Skanda Shasti. While Muruga worship is done extensively all over Tamil Nadu and there are many temples dedicated to the Lord there, six of them are considered especially significant and holy. These are believed to be associated with the various vital anecdotes of his life and are referred to together as Aaru Padai Veedu, the six abodes of the Lord.

  • Pazhani (the hill temple where young Muruga started residing after his tiff with his elder brother, Ganesha over a mango fruit)
  • Swamimalai (another hill temple where Muruga assumed the role of a teacher and explained to his father Shiva, the essence of the immensely powerful Pranava Mantra)
  • Thiruchendur (the seashore temple where he vanquished the demon, Surapadma, after a terrible fight)
  • Thirupparankundram (the place where he married Deivanai, the daughter of the king of heavens Indra)
  • Thiruthani (the hill-temple where he relaxed after the great battle, and also married Valli)
  • Pazhamudhirsolai (the hill where the Lord settled with both his consorts and is blessing his devotees)

Muruga’s Powerspots and Chakras

There are Chakras, the power centers present all over a human body, and these provide all the energy required for its sustenance and effective functioning. There are many such Chakras, and of these six are considered critical. These are also believed to be represented by Muruga’s six unique abodes.

  • Pazhani represents Manipooraka Chakra
  • Swamimalai, Anagadha Chakra
  • Thiruchendur, Swadhishtana Chakra
  • Thirupparankundram, Mooladhara Chakra
  • Thiruthani, Visukthi Chakra
  • Pazhamudhirsolai, the Agya Chakra.

Mystics and saints believe that just as Muruga resides in the abodes of his, he too resides in these powerful Chakras in our physical frame itself, and protects and blesses them.


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