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Skanda Sashti – Expand and Elevate your Life with Lord Muruga


Skanda Sashti or Skanda Shasti is the most important festival dedicated to Lord Muruga or Karthikeya. It is observed in the month of Aippasi (October-November) that commemorates the victory of Lord Skanda over the Demon Surapadma. In 2016, Skanda Sashti will be celebrated from October 31, 2016 – November 5, 2016.

Skanda Sashti commemorates the destruction of evil by the Supreme General Karthikeya (Lord Muruga), son of Lord Shiva and is celebrated with the dramatic enactment of Soora Samhaaram (a play where Muruga kills the demon).

Corresponding to the six days of the war over the evil forces, devotees undertake fasting, prayers and devotional singing to Lord Muruga. The 6 abodes of Muruga overflow with crowd during this period as they seek his divine grace.


Lord Muruga

Lord Murugan, the God of war, like most other hindu deities is also known by many other names like Skanda, Saravana, Karthikkeya, Arumugam etc. ‘Murugu’ means ‘beauty’ and thus ‘Murugan’ means the ‘Beautiful one’. It is believed that Lord Muruga never hesitates to come to the aid of a devotee when called upon in piety or distress.


The Story behind Skanda Shasti

The Story of Skanda Shasti describes about the birth of Lord Skanda or Kumara and the fulfillment of the purpose of His divine incarnation.The mythology of Muruga is well-known in South India where people adore him as Subramanya, the lance-wielding son of Shiva.

Skanda Sashti – Expand and Elevate your Life with Lord Muruga

The story goes back to the legend of defeating the demon/anti God, Surapadma. To mark an end to the demon, the celestial beings with Indra as the leader sought the help of Brahma. Brahma who proclaimed that only the spark of Shiva can produce the hero, who will defeat the powers of the evil, sought the help of Parvati and Kama (the God of Love). Parvati agreed to help, and engaged herself in a severe penance to attract Shiva’s attention, while Kama engaged himself in the “suicidal mission” of arousing Shiva from His Samadhi.


Lord Muruga’s Power Weapon – Vel

The Vel is a psyhic weapon representing shakti or higher intelligence. This spear was given to Muruga by his Mother Goddess Parvati. Nothing is more powerful than the vel as it destroys karma, negativity and doubt. Always visualize it in the space between your two eyebrows, or the 3rd eye. Every Tuesday, Muruga the Lord of Mars’ power day, pour water on the Vel and recite the quantum sound or mantra

“Om Vetri Vel, Muruga Vel”


Skanda Sashti 2016 Celebrations with AstroVed

You can get rid of your self-limiting beliefs, expand and elevate your life during the time of Skanda Sashti. Be with Us as we celebrate the auspicious 6 days of Lord Muruga by performing special poojas and rituals. The celebrations will begin from Oct 31th 2016 and will continue till Nov 5th 2016.