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Significance of Shanmuga Mala Mantra Homa on Vaikasi Visakam

DateMay 17, 2018

Muruga: Rare Combination of Valor, Beauty, and Intelligence

Lord Muruga, the incarnation of pure consciousness and divine knowledge, was created by Shiva to save the world from evil forces and negativities. He is a rare combination of bravery, supreme intelligence, and beauty, and worshipping him can give you strength and self-confidence to win over negativities and progress in life, successfully.

Shanmuga Mala Mantra Homa on Vaikasi Visakam
On Vaikasi Visakam, the birthday of Lord Muruga, AstroVed will be performing a grand fire ceremony called ‘Shanmuga Mala Mantra Homa’ by chanting the Mala mantra (garland of mantras in praise of Lord Muruga) and other targeted rituals to invoke the birthday blessings of the warrior god. Learn more about the significance and benefits of performing this Muruga Mala Mantra Homa (Bad Karma Dispeller and Negativity Destroyer Fire Lab) on the birthday of Lord Muruga.

Significance of Shanmuga Mala Mantra 

“Om Saravanothbavaaya saam seem soom saim som saha Subramanyaaya kumaaraaya
Kukkudathdhwajaaya kungumavarnaaya mahaamohanaaya dvaadhasaakshaaya sarvachathruharaaya
Parasainyavidhvamsakaya devasenaathipathaye swaha”


I submit my prayers to Subramanya who is addressed with the beejakshara, saam seem soom saim som saha, 
The one born in SaravanaPoigai; 
The one who has a rooster in his flag; 
The one who is reddish in complexion; 
The one who attracts everybody; 
The one who wins over enemies; 
The one who wins all battles against negativities; and 
The one who is the commander-in-chief of Devas’ army.
According to sacred texts, the chanting of Shanmuga Mala mantra while invoking Muruga in a fire ritual can give you immense blessings for

  • Overpowering enemies
  • Eliminating threats such as evil eye, black magic, and negative forces
  • Good health
  • Longevity
  • Blissful life
  • Why Vaikasi Visakam for the Homa?

    Vaikasi Visakam is the day of incarnation of Lord Muruga. This occasion remains a very special day for Muruga worship. Vaikasi Visakam occurs when the full Moon coincides with the auspicious Vishaka star during the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May–June) and is celebrated with great piety and enthusiasm.

    Muruga or Shanmuga appeared from the flame that Lord Shiva released from his third eye, principally for annihilating evil and establishing Dharma, the righteousness on earth. Armed with the divine Vel, the lance, provided to him by divine mother Parvati, he led an army of celestial beings against the mighty demons, and fought and subdued them, thus ridding the world of great evil.

    Vaikasi Visakam, the day of birth of the Lord is observed with great religious fervor and enthusiasm. In the current year, this special day falls on Monday, May 28, 2018, when the Lord will be invoked in the auspicious fire ceremony, ‘Shanmuga Mala Mantra Homa’.

    108-time Chanting and Shanmuga Mala Mantra Homa (Bad Karma Dispeller and Negativity Destroyer Fire Lab) – This unique fire ritual on Muruga’s birthday will be performed by chanting ‘Shanmuga Mala Mantra’ (Garland of Mantra to Lord Muruga) 108 times and by offering sacred ingredients in the holy fire for invoking the blessings of Lord Muruga. According to the sacred text named Prapanchasara Sangraha, performing this fire ritual by chanting this mantra can help you overpower enemies and threats such as evil eye and black magic, clear your bad karma and bestow you with longevity, good health and a blissful life.

    Join us to invoke the Birthday Blessings of the Warrior Archetype Lord Muruga to Dispel Bad Karma, Destroy Negativity & Gain Divine Wisdom

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