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Significance of Sani Pradosham

DateApril 10, 2014

Thirteenth or Trayodashi Moon, the Day of Saturn and invocation of Shiva: all these aspects together, create a formidable force that can erase negative influences and usher in growth and well-being. A Sani Pradosham done with devotion will energize you to think, act and react to circumstances of your life in a way that will help you attain a higher goal.  April 2014, provides two such windows of auspicious times: the 12th and the 26th lunar days or tithis of April 2014, when you can perform Sani Pradosham on the 13th Moon.

Significance of Sani Pradosham

Importance of Trayodashi or the 13th Moon:

A month of 30 lunar days is split into 15 days of waxing phase or Shukla paksha and 15 days of waning phase or Krishna paksha. According to Vedic calculation of time, each of these days has significance and is ruled by a deity. Shukla paksha Trayodashi tithi is ruled by Shiva and Kamadeva and good for writing books, performing karma removal rituals and for performing-arts. Krishna paksha Trayodashi is ruled by Nandi, Shiva’s bull and is a good time to engage in Karma removal rituals, yoga and meditation.

Karma removal rituals undertaken during appropriate time cleanses your body and mind of negative energies and helps you choose the effective way for fulfilling your desires.

The subtle connection between Karma and the 13th Moon:

Your Karma is your thoughts, your experiences and your orientation. Vedic Astrology says it is the store of energies that you inherit from your past and recent actions. These energies leave impressions on your consciousness and influence your thoughts and behaviors.

Moon controls human consciousness and thereby regulates emotions and feelings. Nature of Moon in your natal chart shows the kind of emotional attachment or relationship you have with your environment and people influencing your life. Studying the placement of Nodes of Moon in the chart, an astrologer can relate about your past emotional experiences and what bearings they have upon you.

Becoming aware of your emotional bonding with your forefathers and people in your past on the day of 13th Moon, has a unique significance.  It helps you establish channels through which you can seek and access blessings and positive energies from people deeply and inherently attached to you.

Pradosham on a Saturday:

Saturn is the planet of Karma and He rules over Saturdays. Saturn is feared by people because He challenges our mental and physical strength. When impressions of our past experiences press down upon us and distract us from our purposes, we realize the effects of our Karma. Though Saturn or Shani makes us lethargic during its dasha time, He delivers only when you overcome obstacles through hardship.Read more Sani Pradosham Date and time

Fasting, and fire sacrifice rituals for removing Karma on Saturdays are very effective. These practices done through awareness bring about positive shifts in our psychology and thoughts.

Worshipping Shiva on a Saturday:

Shiva is the deity of Saturn. As Shiva is the lord of destruction and transformation, Saturn is the planet of Justice. Therefore, Saturn makes a person shed all kinds of falsehood, such as fair-weather friends, and credentials and recognitions earned through unjustified ways. This gives way to clearing away illusions, so that the person is reborn with abilities and talents developed through discipline and hardship. Transformation is a way of attaining Shiva.

Shiva being the supreme Consciousness and the Truth behind all occurrences and phenomenon helps a man realize truths of life and find his own path for fulfillment of desires.


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