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Did You Get A Shivling In Your Dream? Know The Meaning: Blessings, Love, Money And Powers Enter Your Life!

Modern technology has spread its wings in every field, but sleep remains a mystery to modern man. Everyone dreams at night practically every day while asleep, but sometimes you remember the dream when you wake up, and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes the dreams may foretell the incidents that may happen shortly, or you dream which is irrelevant to you. You may sometimes have a sense of familiarity that you had already seen before. For example, you visit a place that looks familiar to you (called Deja vu). It means that dreams can predict future incidents. Dreams occur even in the daylight while sleeping. In the incident from the epic Ramayana, Sita Devi (Lord Sri Ram’s wife) dreamt of going to the forest with her husband, Lord Sri Ram. Therefore dreams could be true and might warn the dreamers of what might happen in the future.

shivling in dream

Why Do Dreams Occur?

The actions performed in the present life or the previous lives connect with the soul in the form of Akashic records. These records exhibit themselves in various processes like thoughts, dreams, slips of the tongue, etc.

The good and bad actions that we perform connect with the soul, and their counts accumulate in every life,  which may fetch you rewards and punishments relating to your karma.

The dream can be a good dream or a bad dream. Some dreams are said to be good dreams, and others are not. Some people may dream about God and Goddess and stay confused as they don’t understand the meaning.

Dream astrology deals with this matter and explains it in detail.

What happens when you Dream about Shivling?

Seeing Shivling in the dream symbolises prosperity and mercy from Lord Shiva because Lord shiva once drank the poison to save all living entities in this material world; Likewise, He swallows all your future problems that would ruin your life. It is a sign of hope and blessings in life. “Shivling” symbolises the union of female and male energies, and if you dream about it, it indicates blessings for happy married life. 

The colours of the “Shivling” represent different prosperity. Some of them are listed below:

Blue Sapphire Shivling Dream

This Shivling in the dream symbolises love, hope, and the awakening of a higher order. It is a very rare dream, and it may manifest only to the persons who have worshipped Lord shiva in their past lives. After viewing this dream, maney. marriage, house, vehicle, love pregnancy, travel, or any other bargains may be fulfilled; you have to wait at least one year to see the outcome. The dream suggests the person surrender to the Absolute. If you have seen the blue snake dream, the exact prediction applies to it also.

Snow or White Marble Shivling Dream

It means that the powerful divine may render help to the dreamer. Worshipping White marble Shivling in your dream is that your soul wishes to connect with Lord Shiva, and this dream fulfils it. Also, it paves the way for very high positive energies to open up to another world.

Mercury Shivling Dream

The dreamers suppress themselves to that of ordinary persons and hide their true talents and goodness. The Supreme soul (Paramatma) is sad and, through this dream, suggests the dreamers be frank, outspoken, and display their natural talent. The dreamers should apologise to the Lord for suppressing their goodness and steeping low, and bowing to the harmful elements in this material world.

Black Shivling Dream

A dreamer is mostly an ordinary person with an extraordinary soft nature and compassion. It is the quality that attracts the Supreme soul. The person may be in good consciousness or a person of good qualities, forgivers, and nature lovers. It is a sign of goodness and hope. Marriage is on its way, but the dreamers should be patient enough to wait for the result.

Red or Ruby Shivling Dream

It symbolises fast energy and refers to the awakening kundalini Shakthi. Since the power is mighty, it makes the person somewhat restless. The dreamers should develop compassion and show gratitude towards the Lord. Feeding animals like cows, dogs, crows, etc., may fetch good results.

Green or Emerald Shivling Dream

It is a very rare dream, and the dreamers are very fortunate to get back the money or wealth they lost some time ago; this dream symbolises victory. They would emerge victorious in every event and achieve fame, prosperity, success, etc. 

This dream strengthens the Anahata Chakra, and the person would soon find the soulmate very shortly. Offering water to trees like banyan, peepal, neem, or plants like tulsi and rose would negate the anxiety. 

There is no place for dirty, impure thoughts when your heart is full of bhakti (devotion). Automatically, you attain pure consciousness that attaches to god consciousness, invoking the dreams about God and Goddess. Therefore dreaming about the Supreme Lord is always promising; your life will get blessings from the Supreme Absolute Truth. There is everything positive about it.