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Saturn Transit 2011 or Shani Transit 2011

DateOctober 7, 2011


Saturn Transit or Shani Transit is an astrological phenomenon turn Influence” “Saturn Retrograde” “2012 Transiting Saturn” “saturn which usually has a widespread effect on humans. Lord Saturn, the most powerful of 9 planets, can be the most giving planet and can also be the most severe and challenging one. Saturn transit in Libra on November 15th 2011 will change your life as Lord Saturn is practical and He gets exalted while moving to Libra, which signifies balance.


Saturn Transits Have Major Impact on Life

Lord Saturn teaches us lessons, trains us for increased responsibility and points out where we may come up short. Many people are fearful of Saturn due to the hardships, which people face under his influence. During Saturn transit, you often tend to experience what is considered the more ‘negative’ of his manifestations as he points out what area or areas you need to rework in life.

Saturn Transit is an opportunity to strengthen an area of your life that has been ineffective. This helps us to come to a better understanding of Saturnian experiences and will also make us able to move through this period of Saturn transit with more grace and ease.


Saturn Transit 2011 – The Points You Should Know

The actions taken in life are generally conscious and unconscious and the actions with conscious intent of wrong doing will be dealt with most severity by Lord Saturn. During the 7-1/2 year of transiting Saturn (“Sade Sati”) any ill-conceived or dishonest actions will have greater consequences from Saturn because his attention is more keenly focused on a person during this period.

Saturn transits to each sign every 2-1/2 years and when Saturn transits the 3rd, 6th and 11th sign from the person’s Moon it is generally auspicious (positive, beneficial). But when Saturn transits the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th sign from the Moon it turns inauspicious (negative, unfavorable).


Saturn Transit in Libra 2011

Saturn transits in to the sign of Libra on November 15th 2011, IST, where he is exalted and most benefic. He completes his transit in the sign of Libra only on November 2nd 2014 IST and during Saturn’s stay in Libra; he may give his usual teaching methods of delays, detachments and sufferings. However, Lord Saturn will also attract major responsibilities and will enable you to handle them during the Saturn Transit in Libra. He will bestow you with discipline and extra skills to focus in business. Saturn transit will also bring commitment to relationships and democracy to governments.


Saturn Transit 2011 Report

This Saturn Transit from 15th Nov to 2nd Nov 2014 might affect your Health, Finance, Education, Life, Relationships, Career, etc? But you can clear your doubts or concerns regarding the transiting Saturn and the various influences of Saturn during Saturn Transit 2011 with your personalized Saturn Transit Report.


Personalized Saturn Transit Prediction Report – How It Helps

  • A Personalized Saturn Transit Prediction Report will analyze Saturn’s influence in your major period (Dasa) and minor period (Bhukthi). It will give you an expert insight into different aspects of your life and will forewarn you about dangers or pitfalls, which will allow you to take calculated and informed decisions.
  • A Personalized Saturn Transit Prediction Report also evaluates the varying influence of Saturn when it passes through birth stars Chitra, Swati & Visakha on you; again giving you the leverage to take wise & clued-up steps.
  • Most importantly your personalized Saturn Transit Prediction report will prescribe you the specific remedies based on the magnitude of influence Saturn exerts on you during this transit which is of course based on your birth chart.
  • Planet Jupiter is the one responsible for stabilizing Saturn’s aggressiveness when Saturn turns malefic and also the one who enhances Saturn’s favorable influences when it turns benefic. This necessitates the assessment of Jupiter’s influence on Saturn which will subsequently reveal the intensity of Saturn’s influence on you and your Personalized Saturn Transit Prediction Report does this exactly.



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