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Saturn Direct in Virgo – It’s Time For Intelligent Strategies

DateJune 8, 2011


Saturn also known as Shani Dev or Shani Graha is the most important planet in Vedic horoscope. Moreover, He is also considered to be the most powerful planet amongst all the astrological planets. Saturn governs fear and as He is the planet of trials and tribulations, He limits what one does by acting as a resistance against his or her best efforts. This powerful planet Saturn is transiting in Virgo on June 13th.


 Saturn Transit Virgo


Virgo rules clarity, prejudice and lends the ability to pay attention to details. So the timing of Saturn’s transit in Virgo makes this the most conducive time to start planning and to strategizing your present and future tasks in life.

It is also symbolic of the refinement process of sensitivity and making decisions based on sound logical thought processes and reason. Saturn direct in Virgo is probably one of the easier Saturn influences to work with, since the planet feels relatively at ease in the Earth signs.



Intelligence and Strategy

The combination of beneficially inclined Saturn and Ganesha on Saturn’s direct transit in Virgo, on Ganesha’s star day, is a winning strategy to overcome the tests of Saturn. No one except Lord Ganesha can get away from Saturn’s malefic influences. Your exposure to Saturn’s influence not only depends on your karmas, but also on your intelligence and strategies.

Lord Ganesha, the Lord of supreme intelligence, has a connection to Saturn while in Virgo. Saturn has influenced all through his Sade Sati, except Lord Ganesha who used His intelligence and strategy to stay away from Saturn’s challenging time.

16 Divine Forms of Ganeshas will be invoked to release you from any obstacle imposed upon you by Saturn, using intelligence and strategy. Some of the forms invoked will be The Creator of Obstacles for the Evil, the Quick-acting God, the Giver of Success and the God of Achievement.

Prepare Now for the Impending Big Test of Saturn

Although Saturn makes the next huge transit into Libra on November 14th; he makes a noteworthy shift when he goes direct in Virgo on, June 13th. Even though, all Saturn transits are of great significance, this direct movement of Saturn into Virgo on June 13th is the time to start smoothing the way. Moreover, this placement of Saturn in the birth sign of Lord Ganesha will not be there for next 27 years.

When Saturn goes direct in the sign of Virgo it will be in the Hasta star, which is the birth star of Lord Ganesha. There are only two known Vedic powers that can avoid the negative effects brought by the planet Saturn – Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is renowned for giving the wisdom and knowledge to overcome the test of Saturn and in particular the 7 1/2 years of Saturn called as Sade Sati.

16 Ganeshas in 16 Pots

   The most powerful ritual on the ‘motion shift‘ day is a ceremony that we are performing at our center for the first time. The 16 Forms of Ganesha will be invoked in sacred pots or kalasas, to not only come to destroy the obstacles imposed by Saturn on you, but also to bless you with life-long success.

As a general rule, Vedic rituals are performed to either get the help of a divine power to overcome obstacles or to seek a boon from the divine. However, invoking all of these Ganeshas in this ceremony serves both purposes.



Saturn’s direct motion is the start to a new beginning and He will sweep out all of the intolerable elements, that are everywhere in everything.



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