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Saturn Dhaiya- Shani Dhaiya

DateAugust 14, 2023

Every planet has its own unique story, and the planet Shani is no exception. Legend has it that Lord Mahadev gave his disciples different tasks, and he assigned Shani the task of punishing those who committed sins. Shani Dev has the power to change the fate of kings and beggars alike. Even great kings like Harishchandra, Rama, and the Pandavas were not immune to his influence and faced complex challenges in life. This is why people have always been afraid of Shani Dev.

The planet named Shani moves very slowly compared to the other eight planets in our solar system. It takes two and a half years for another planet named Saturn to change its position. When the planet Shani is located in the fourth or eighth House concerning the Moon sign, it can have an impact on a person.

What is Shani Ki Dhaiya

 If you know your moon sign, you can find out when Saturn’s movement might affect you. For example, if your moon sign is Cancer when Saturn enters the sign of Libra, it can have an impact on you. This is known as Saturn Dhaiya, and it usually happens when Saturn is in the fourth or eighth House from your moon sign.

 During a particular period called Shani Dhaiya, the planet Saturn moves through two zodiac signs simultaneously. This happens when Saturn enters the eighth House from someone’s Moon sign. This period lasts for two and a half years and is sometimes referred to as Ashtam Shani or Laghu Kalyani in certain parts of India.

 Shani Dhaiya Effect

 Sometimes, Shani Dhaiya’s influence can have good and bad impacts. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t always bring adverse effects.

 Saturn will be in the fourth House from your moon sign during a certain period, which can cause some challenges related to your mother, vehicle, home, and land. You may also face issues with enemies and experience ups and downs in your business during this time. Additionally, there may be stress and mental pressure due to this transit.

 When Saturn moves through the eighth House from your Moon sign, it can bring some challenges. This House is associated with unexpected events, and Saturn’s energy can disrupt your professional life. You may face obstacles in your business or feel uncertain about your career path. Additionally, the transit can cause tension in your family life and financial troubles. If you have children, you may experience some difficulties related to their education or health. Overall, this period can be challenging, but staying focused and patient is important.

Shani Dhaiya Remedies

 If you are experiencing bad luck, try chanting a Mantra of Shani, a Hindu deity associated with Karma and punishment. It is recommended to chant the Mantra 23,000 times and perform a ritual called Dashansh Havan afterward. If chanting the Mantra that many times is too difficult, you can chant two mantras 108 times in the evening instead. It is recommended to start chanting on a Saturday during the waxing phase of the moon.

In addition to other remedies, you can recite a prayer called Shani Stotra starting on a Saturday of the waxing moon. This may help you feel more peaceful. Another option is to light a lamp made with mustard oil under a Peepal tree on Saturday evening. Just make sure to use oil and a lamp from your own home instead of buying them on that Day. Finally, reciting Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday during a period called Shani ki Dhaiya can provide relief for problems related to Saturn.

 If you’re unable to do certain things, fasting on Saturdays is a good option. You can fast up to the 21st or 51st Saturday and listen to the Shani Katha in the evening. To break your fast, eat khichdi made of urad dal. Once you’ve completed the fast, you can donate food cooked in oil, urad dal, and leather shoes for the Udyapan ceremony.


If Saturn is in a favorable position in your birth chart or is creating positive opportunities for you by its fruitful auspicious lordship in the birth chart, it won’t cause any harm. Instead, it could bring you success and admiration in life.

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