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Predicting In-Law Problems in Marriage

DateJune 7, 2024

In Indian culture, marriage is considered very sacrosanct. It is a sacred bond which involves not only the couple, but also their families. To ensure a happy and enduring marriage, there is a custom of matching horoscopes or Kundlis among Hindus. The birth charts or Kundlis of the prospective bride and groom are matched on certain parameters to determine their compatibility. If they are deemed compatible, the marriage is finalized.

Kundli Matching can identify many problem areas in the couple’s marital life. Often, certain remedies will be performed to eliminate these problems. The problems may be related to money, differences in temperament, sexual compatibility, health issues, progeny issues, etc. Apart from these, the Kundli Milan will also reveal if the couple will face problems due to the in-laws.

In India, family bonds are very close-knit. This allows room for close family members to interfere in the couple’s life and cause misunderstandings in their relationship. Some in-laws can be very annoying and create situations that lead to marital discord.

Kundli Matching can throw light on such issues. By looking at the planetary positions in the horoscopes of the bride and groom, a good astrologer will be able to tell if in-laws will cause problems in their marriage.


Astrological Signs for In-Law Problems

Afflictions in a person’s 9th, 11th, and 10th house form the Pap Katri Yoga, which indicates problems with the mother-in-law. When Moon and Rahu are combined in the 10th house, the person is not likely to enjoy a good relationship with the mother-in-law.

If the 4th house lord is not in a favorable position, there will be discord among the family members. When there is Pitrudosh and the position of Mars in the girl’s horoscope is also weak, conflicts may arise with the in-laws.

When Rahu afflicts the Moon and the major planets in the horoscope, in-law problems are possible. Constant criticism, lack of respect, taunting each other, etc., can be expected. Women who are domineering by nature can never become good mothers-in-law. If Moon-Saturn and Moon-Ketu combinations are unfavorable, it can cause adverse effects in the horoscope of a person, leading to in-law problems.

Astrology claims that in-law problems can also arise if a girl has caused trouble to a widow or a pregnant woman or stolen somebody’s money in her past birth. If so, the girl will face issues with her mother-in-law.

The 2nd house represents wealth, as well as the in-laws and your relationship with them.

The house of the mother-in-law (10th house) determines the relationship between you and your in-laws.

Saturn and its positive aspect can give a good relationship but a weak aspect can have a negative impact.

The 10th house rules the mother-in-law. The 3rd house rules the father-in-law. The 9th house rules the younger brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The 5th house rules the elder brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

If the Moon is malefic, the mother-in-law may try to deceive you.

If Ketu is in the 10th house, the mother-in-law will be very domineering. If the 10th house lord is Mars or influenced by it, the mother-in-law will be selfish, ill-natured, and a disciplinarian.

Rahu in the 10th house means a cunning, irritating, and fault-finding mother-in-law.

If Saturn is the 10th house lord, the mother-in-law will be lazy, stubborn, and narrow-minded.

Another reason for in-law problems in a woman’s horoscope is when Mercury and Mars are weak. People who have a weak Mercury, along with Rahu or Ketu affecting the planets, will not be able to enjoy happiness at home.

When the second house is weak in a girl’s birth chart, her mother-in-law will be jealous of her beauty and education. She will not like anything that her daughter-in-law does. She will also keep interfering in the girl’s life and will not offer her any emotional support.

Remedies for Problems with in-Laws

If you are facing problems with your in-laws, you can try some of the remedies given below.

Offer copper coins, raw turmeric pieces, and yellow gram lentils to your in-laws four days before the marriage. All these symbolize the good health of the family. If you do this before leaving for your husband’s house, your life may be filled with happiness.

Another astrological remedy to resolve in-law problems is to clean the kitchen yourself. This will help you to develop a good bond with the in-laws. Also, serve tea to your in-laws. This will boost your relationship with your in-laws.

Another solution is to plant trees at the entrance gate. This will bring peace and harmony to the family. This should be done if problems are occurring constantly with the in-laws.

Sometimes, husbands can get very angry over minor issues or without any valid reasons. If so, the wife should carry salt, jaggery, and two silver coins during the fortnight moon, especially on Tuesday, Monday, and Sunday, and conceal them in the house. This will bring about positive changes in her husband.

While astrology offers many solutions to get rid of in-law problems, one should also make some personal efforts to create harmony in the marital home. One should be adaptable and flexible to maintain healthy relationships. It is also essential to respect each other and give each other plenty of space. Also, ensure that there is a Tulsi plant at the entrance of the home. Don’t forget to offer food to birds, including crows. Such small gestures can be very effective in ensuring peace and happiness at home.

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