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Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah Mantra Meaning

DateFebruary 11, 2019

Greatness of Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is the divine son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is hailed as a remover of obstacles and a harbinger of success, and is both loved and venerated. He is a unique God with an elephant face, but also has a primordial form with a human head. He is celebrated as a hero of strength, as a happy dancer, as a sweet child and many more. It is an age old practice and widely followed custom to seek his blessings while starting any endeavor or undertaking any venture or making a new beginning or performing any auspicious event or ritual. Ganesha is essentially a simple God, who is worshipped with faith by commoners and the elite, alike. His veneration is done from very ancient times, and Gaanapathyam, the Ganesha worship, has been established by saint Adi Shankara, as one of the six fundamental forms of worship in Hindu religion.

Uniqueness of the Lord

Ganesha is indeed an amazing deity, both in his form and in the host of names that he has. Vinayaka, Vigneshwara, Gajanana, Lambodhara, Ekadantha and Vignaharta are some of the names that he is called by. People, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu address him fondly as Pillaiyar. Devotees pray to him seeking buddhi, the intellect and siddhi, success and these two, Buddhi and Siddhi, have even been depicted at some places as the consorts of this God, who is otherwise considered, a celibate.

Ganesha is a big-bellied God, with an elephant-head and 2 tusks. These 2 are said to represent emotion and wisdom. Of the tusks, the left one is broken conveying that a person should ideally use his wisdom to overcome emotions, so as to attain balance and perfection. This four-armed God rides on a mouse, which is his mount.

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah Mantra

Efficacy of Mantras

Our religion and culture hold a firm belief in the theory of Karma. It is the past actions and their effects that are termed as Karma and it is believed that it is such Karma that leads to the good and not-so-good results that an individual faces during his or life on earth. However, Almighty God is held to be immensely compassionate and merciful and it is believed strongly that his intervention can overcome even the karmic afflictions, and can thus solve all problems and concerns of the devotees. It is the mantras, the sacred invocations that are regarded as the vehicles that carry our prayers to the Almighty and get the compassionate intervention of the Gods for us. Hence it is a firmly held belief that the proper recitation of mantras with faith can solve life’s problems and make his or her earthly journey, an enjoyable experience.

Ganesha Mantra

The mantra invoking the elephant-faced God is as simple as the God himself and it is –

‘Om ShriGaneshayaNamah’

This simply translates to ‘Lord Ganesha, I offer prayers to you’.

Meaning of Ganesha Mantra

This one-line prayer may look and sound simple, but the mantraas such, carries profound meaning in it.

The Sanskrit word ‘Om’ denotes the ultimate, cosmic energy that remains as the underlying substance of all the living beings and the non-living things, ever created in the universe. The vibrations that are generated when ‘Om’ is chanted are all-pervading and are believed to have immense potency and miraculous powers. The next word ‘Shri’ actually denotes ‘Shrim’, which is the beej mantra, the fundamental invocation. The term ‘Ganeshaya’, apart from taking the name of the Lord, also highlights the notion of ‘beej’. The final word ‘Namah’ is the respectful salutation, meaning ‘I bow to you’.

Mantra Chanting Benefits

Chanting this mantra with faith can get for the devotees the immense blessings of the benevolent Lord. This can result in benefits that are manifold. It can remove impediments and delays, make actions fruitful, take all beginnings to their logical end and provide success in all endeavors. Its regular chanting can also discipline the mind, improve its concentration and ability, provide good clarity of thought and bestow the capacity to convert focused thinking into fruitful action.


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