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Om Nama Sivaya

On February 01, 2018

The purpose of Om Nama Sivaya is very meaningful. Om is the primordial sound. The whole universe both animate and inanimate is contained in Om. Om is the equivalent of Amen. Om has three sounds: Ah, Oo, and Ma. The Ah sound has to be chanted at the root chakra. Ah represents the waking state of consciousness and helps to take care of this world. Oo has to be chanted at the heart center. Oo represents the dream plane and the other world. Oo gives us divine awareness. Ma has to be chanted at the throat chakra. Ma creates sleep and material things. Ma has to be chanted minimally. Om Nama Sivaya Nama Sivaya has two units. Na Ma is to be chanted at the root chakra and the navel chakra respectively. Nama represents lower worldly realitites like earth and water and the karmic and egocentric life. Sivaya is the second unit which represents higher life and Si Va Ya has to be chanted at the heart, throat and 2 eyes respectively. Sivaya gives the awarenes of the divine existence which is the right of every human soul. The chanting of Om Nama Sivaya does the following. Om when practiced in the above manner, cleans up the consciousness. Nama awakens the lower realities necessary for earthly existence. Sivaya helps you to be grounded in awareness of the divine. One should chant Om Nama Sivaya with this full understanding. Power Tool to Connect with Shiva Thus, there exists a science behind chanting the ultimate mantra – ‘Om Na Ma Si Va Ya’, which acts as a power tool to connect deeply with Lord Shiva and achieve higher consciousness. Maha Shivaratri is the ideal day to chant this mantra throughout the night with great reverence and refresh your entire system. On this special night, you can connect profoundly with Shiva and pray for extraordinary boons to transform your life. Participate in our Maha Shivaratri power rituals to receive the graceful blessings of Lord Shiva.


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