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Navaratri – Welcome Goddess Energy to Your Home

DateOctober 13, 2015

Navaratri – The 9 Nights of Goddess is the most powerful time to awaken the Divine Feminine consciousness in each of us, man or woman. The Divine Feminine consciousness or Shakti of the Goddess is very active during Navaratri– the time when the Goddess comes to Earth Plane for 9 nights of empowerment.

How to Celebrate Navaratri at Home?

Our homes come alive when they display the traits of the Goddess – love, joy, nurturing and healing (even ferocious Goddesses like Kali or Chandi have lots of love and joy) in all corners of our living space.
When combined with goodness and divinity, we learn with a new and fresh perspective on how to celebrate Navaratri at home. Our homes radiate goodness of Navaratri in:

  • The way we maintain our homes and clear clutter
  • In grooming ourselves and taking care of our health
  • The ability to see beauty in others


Goddess is Nurturing

According to Dr. Pillai, it is important to nurture relationships which involve women and practice acceptance and love towards them- be it mothers, co-workers, sisters or friends. When the women in our lives are respected and nurtured, a paradigm shift occurs, which in turn leads to opening ourselves up and accessing the Goddess energy to enter our lives.

The divinity aspect of Navaratri, however, is all about inviting the Goddess in our hearts and allowing Her to change and transform our lives.

Goddess is Emotion

Since Goddess is the epitome of joy and motherhood, a simple heartfelt prayer to ask for help is a powerful invite to the Goddess to enter our lives. A relationship based on pure trust moves the Goddess to respond to us and it can be compared to talking to our mother, who is unconditional in loving us.

Embody the Goddess

During Navaratri, the glorious nature of the Mother Divine descends on Earth Plane. Dressed in bright red from head to toe, she depicts supreme energy. Since an attitude of complete surrender pleases the Goddess, wearing a red colored costume facilitates instant connection, as you embody the Goddess.

Invite the Goddess through Her signature sounds

Dr.Pillai has given powerful mantras to reach out to the Divine Feminine energies of the Goddess. Signature sounds like Kleem and Shreem Brzee, when chanted over and over helps to open the doors to the Goddess.

The powerful sound ‘Kleem’ deeply resonates with the energy of the Goddess and helps attract loving relationships in our lives.
‘Shreem Brzee’ is another name given by Dr.Pillai to the Goddess which helps attract beauty, material comforts, and prosperity in our lives.

This year, the sacred time of Navaratri begins on October 13.

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