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Mercury Enters Pisces: Good Turn through Cancellation of Debilitation

DateMarch 2, 2011


Mercury enters Pisces on March 6th and effects till March 28th. It is a good time for innovations and to expand your intellectual horizons. It enlightens the consciousness of the logical mind beyond imaginations.


 Mercury enters Pisces


Generally, Mercury is debilitated when in Pisces at normal conditions. But because Jupiter is also in the house and he is the ruler of this house, the debilitation stands cancelled and becomes neutral. In other words, we can say that Jupiter outdoes Mercury’s debilitation.



Jupiter to revamp the favorable influences of Mercury’s transit

The attitude of Pisces dilutes the more analytical nature of Mercury. The dreamy ungrounded environment of Pisces inhibits Mercury from expressing its higher qualities of truthful discernment. The cancellation of Mercury’s debilitation automatically cancels the unfavorable aspects like communication troubles and career complexities and develops enormous positive energy of Mercury. This transit will pull you towards a remarkable amount of fortune because of Jupiter’s ability to cancel Mercury’s malefic state.

Restrain the negative forces with the grace of Lord Vishnu

When Mercury enters Pisces it gets associated with the ruling planet Jupiter. This association surpasses Mercury’s debilitation and brings forth the superior form of Mercury in the form of Lord Vishnu himself, the overlord of Mercury. You can dissolve your difficulties with the blessings of Lord Vishnu during this transit of Mercury in Jupiter’s sign. He will act as a protection sheath which will help you suppress the negative forces thereby ensuring that you achieve fruitful endeavors.

The Mercury’s enhanced energy of 23 days will energize you in:

Success• Resolving litigation issues
• Availing the opportunity of new career
• Getting recognition and promotion
• Planning your taxes
• Developing perfection and accuracy
• Generating superior communication
• Executing good networking
• Boosting the sense of humor
• Winning over competitors
• Publishing a book

AstroVed shares the special offerings of group Homas to Lord Vishnu and Mercury on the special occurrence of Mercury enters Pisces to avoid the diffuse the difficulties of Mercury’s transit and invite good fortune and success during this period.

Accelerate and avail the opportunity of stimulating effects of Mercury into Pisces for 23 days!



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