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Mercury Direct in Sagittarius: 3 Tips for a Month of Happiness

DateJanuary 29, 2016

Glitches galore are common during Mercury’s retrograde. Learn 3 tips to fix it all and have a better life fast.

Phew, it’s been hard with Mercury retrograde. In fact, in the last few weeks this planet’s backward motion confused most with communication going awry, gadgets breaking, objects of everyday use going missing—just to discover that they’d been put away in the wrong place.

This time I got my share of the above more than in other retrogrades.

Or if you were lucky and nothing happened to you, perhaps it was a feeling of going too slowly in your projects and wishing for more speed.

Maybe you looked back—too often—at past experiences, which seemed better than your current life.

Happily, sometimes looking back acts like a springboard to a better future—when you say: “No more!” So hopefully that was the case for you and you were finally able to move on.

But good news for all—Mercury is direct in Sagittarius starting January 25!

Here are a few tips in three key areas of your life to fix everything that went wrong in January and get ahead with your goals and plans.

Mercury Direct in Sagittarius

1. At home

It’s a great time for putting everything back in order and sending out an important email you’ve been holding off, paying your bills on time or filing your taxes. All these activities plus travel and shopping are going to get a boost.

Life is going to be much easier going forward and you’ll be super-fast in slimming down your to-do list.

2. Redeem yourself at work

We all make mistakes—the key is to not let them define you. Simply do your best to revise and fix what didn’t work before.

You can now schedule or attend meetings to improve everything that went wrong during the retrograde.

This time you’ll find creative solutions thanks to an optimistic approach due to Jupiter’s influence on direct Mercury in Sagittarius with Venus.

Winning new ideas will help you in marketing, PR, publishing and your investments won’t suffer from endless glitches and delays.

But if your poor finances and difficult communication seem like hard realities that you can’t shake, it’s likely you need to strengthen your Mercury.

Here’s how.

At home, you can recite his traditional sound waves: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA and ask Mercury to help you with money, gracious speech and media.

More importantly, sponsoring Vedic rituals and particularly fire rituals to Mercury and Vishnu will be the game changer—nothing else works as well, except for miracles.

3. Resume heartfelt conversations

For couples it’s double good news. First, talking and sharing your heart will be misunderstanding-free.

Second, courtesy of Venus, Mercury won’t feel ambivalent about love—because two of Mercury’s uncanny qualities are his ambivalence and changeability. He knows how to be a king with kings and a thug with thugs.

In other words, the planets accompanying Mercury in a chart or transit will influence him to a great extent. Mercury will now be mellow, loving, devotional and spiritual thanks to Venus and Jupiter.

Only a couple of small warnings: avoid arguing about your individual beliefs or religion. And you’ll love cozy times studying, researching and laughing together.

Sagittarius is the 9th house of long-distance travel: avoid ethnic jokes—I think they’re in bad taste and someone’s feelings could get hurt, too.

Wishing you a super lucky time!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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