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Material Consciousness with Saturn's Blessings

On May 14, 2009

If there is one planet who can make a king out of a pauper and vice versa, it is Saturn. The great Lord Saturn goes direct on May 17th promising a better time for ahead.

It is important understand the nuances of this transit and be prepared so that you can amplify your returns manifold. Lord Saturn in the past 6 months has been remorseless in bringing markets down and governments down with unemployment rates at the highest worldwide. You would get some relief from these effects of Saturn in the next few months.

While Saturn presents a positive situation for growth and consolidation in the coming months, other material energies have to be oriented appropriately so that you achieve growth during this critical period. Saturn going direct on May 17th happens to be on the Eight Moon and is incredibly auspicious for the Goddess Kali. In addition to special prayers for Lord Saturn at Saturn energy vortex, Tiru Nallaru, Astroved has organized the sacred Chandi (Kali) Homa in a small village near Mayiladuthurai. The Goddess vortex here provides wealth, health, and victory over enemies both internal and external. The special Chandi ritual will include elaborate rituals to Lord Ganesha, the nine planets and then special fire ritual for the Goddess.

If you are involved in a power struggle at workplace or elsewhere, this ritual will bring positive results. If you have been held up by unseen obstacles, the Chandi fire ritual will help you overcome this. You would get incredible energy when you sponsor this ritual and all destabilizing forces will be driven out. You are encouraged to perform these rituals to enhance your material lives.

In addition to the special Chandi ritual, Dattatreya Siva Baba has directed the Homa center in Chennai to conduct special Goddess rituals starting May 17th until May 24th for specific forms of Goddesses to derive special benefits during this favorable time.

Moon Phase
Fire Ritual
Goddess and Remedy
5-17-2009 Eighth Waning Moon (Ashtami) Prathyangara Fire Ritual Form of Kali, has a terrible countenance, eliminates fear, enemies
5-18-2009 Ninth Waning Moon (Navami) Sulini Durga Fire Ritual Form of Goddess who holds the Trident in her hands. Appeasing her will help eliminate internal and external enemies like anger, fear, greed, jealousy and external enemies who cause trouble.
5-19-2009 Tenth Waning Moon (Dasami) Varahi Fire Ritual Form of Goddess; dark in color with a boar face; victory in all activities. All obstacles are blown away when one worships Varahi.
5-20-2009 Eleventh Waning Moon (Ekadasi) Raja Mathangi Fire Ritual Form of Bhuvaneswari (the Goddess of the Worlds). Favorable turn of events; to stay at top of corporate ladder and move up even further; very good for politicians and people who like power
5-21-2009 Twelfth Waning Moon (Duvadasi) Vaishnavi Devi Fire Ritual Form of Lakshmi Provides unlimited wealth, prosperity, spiritual blessings, higher knowledge.
5-22-2009 13th Waning Moon (Tryodasi) Chamundeswari Fire Ritual A combined form of Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Sarasvati. Elimination of ego, elimination of destructive effects of enemies
5-23-2009 14th Waning Moon (Chaturdasi) Badra Kali Fire Ritual Badra means "terrible" and is a form of Kali. Expansion of business and career; unlimited growth; elimination of ego; eliminates dreaded diseases
5-24-2009 New Moon (Amavasya) Kala Rathri Fire Ritual A Fierce Form of the Goddess who resides in the Burial Grounds. To eliminate evil eye, black magic and to improve health.

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