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Lakshmi Gives 2 Types of Prosperity

On March 05, 2013

Goddess Lakshmi was born on a 12th Moon and so all the 12th Moons are beneficial for prosperity and beauty. When a 12th Moon falls on a Friday in the star of Anuradha or Shravana, this alignment is called Lakshmi Empowerment Day, which is when Lakshmi can bless you with Prosperity Consciousness..


The last time we celebrated Lakshmi Empowerment Day was in 2005. This coming Friday, March 8th is a 12th Moon and the star is Shravana. This alignment is rare; so take advantage of this 12th Moon-Star alignment, when Goddess Lakshmi is available to hear your prayers and can bless you with two types of Prosperity.

1) You acquire the power to attain long lasting wealth

2) You are able to stretch your money so even if you don't have lot of money, all your needs are taken care of.

Astrological Consideration for March:

March starts with four planets in the sign of Aquarius; Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Mars. Since Aquarius rules unusual, unconventional experiences you can expect a higher than normal number of surprises during March.

On March 7th, the Moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius and Ketu will form a trine to the Moon, making this a favorable day for meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

Mercury is in retrograde motion until March 18th, and while this is usually associated with delays, miscommunication and communication breakdowns in general, what actually happens during Mercury retrograde periods is that the neglected areas of your life are brought to the surface so that they can be attended too. When Mercury retrogrades into the star of Shatabhisha (Star of 100 physicians) on March 4th, this will provide you an opportunity to address long standing health issues particularly mental health issues such as depression and in severe cases, schizophrenia. Propitiate Goddess Saraswati for help with mental peace and equilibrium.

Astrological Reminders for 2 Important Moons:

Two Moon Movements that are worth noting over the next 7 days:

1) 13th Waning Moon Sani Pradosham

2) Maha Shivaratri.

13th Waning Moon Sani Pradosham: The planet Saturn will be in a quadrant to the Moon and Jupiter will be aspecting the Moon and this will make it an energetic day. March 9th IST is the second Maha Sani Pradosham in a month. This time, it will be during a waning Moon in the Dhanishta star. Dhanishta has the power to change something worthless into something valuable and it gives you the ability to network with others. The 1.5 hour time window just before sunset, on a waning Moon Sani Pradosham is the time when you can clear karma that is destroying your wealth.

Maha Shivaratri: Lord Shiva is the primordial consciousness from which everything was created and into which everything will return. There is a special time when we can remedy even the worst karmas and gain extraordinary boons for wealth, health and power, it's called the Night of Shiva, Maha Shivaratri. It is a special night when Goddess Parvati performs special poojas for Lord Shiva. By observing Shivaratri rituals, you become a part of special Goddess worship that fixes your bad karma and the worlds’ karma.


It makes sense that athletes need a strong Mars to compete. Surprisingly artists do too because Mars is the energy that compels an artist to bring that which is inside them out into the world. You can have tremendous talent but without Mars the ability needed to express your gifts in the world is missing. Business owners and entrepreneurs also need Mars to skillfully negotiate business deals and to get the money needed for success.

Did You Know?

Just like the Sun, the Moon too rises and sets every day, (as do all the planets). During New Moon, the Moon rises and sets at the same time along with the Sun. But on Full Moon, the Moon rises at the time when the Sun sets, and it sets when the Sun rises.


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