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Importance of Vellerukku Vinayagar

DateJune 8, 2018

Greatness of Vinayaka

Vinayaka or Ganapathi is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. He is hailed as a remover of obstacles and a harbinger of success, and is both loved and venerated. He has an elephant face, but also has a primordial form with a human head. He is celebrated as a hero of strength, as a happy dancer, as a sweet child and many more. It is considered a very good custom to seek his blessings while starting an endeavor or undertaking any venture.

Importance of Vellerukku Vinayagar

Importance of Vellerukku

Vellerukku is a shrub or a small plant that is commonly known as Sodom apple or Auricula tree. It normally grows in two colors, white and blue. Of these, Vellerukku, ‘the white Erukku’ is a rare one. Vellerukku is believed to have a lot of spiritual significance and is meant for the worship of Lords Shiva and Surya. After this plant grows into a small tree and then dries up naturally, its roots are taken and the image of Vinayaka is made out of it. Such a deity is considered very auspicious and powerful. As this is a divine plant, it should actually be worshipped with due respect and then only its roots will be drawn out for carving the image of the deity.

Significance of Vellerukku Vinayagar

Lord Vinayaka is said to be very fond of Erukku flower and is normally decorated with the garland made of those flowers. Also, Vellerukku is believed to have the power to attract the Mantras and hence, any hymn chanted in front of the deities made of Vellerukku is considered very effective in getting divine blessings. Hence, it is firmly believed that the sincere worship of Vellerukku Vinayagar, the Lord carved out of Vellerukku roots, will earn his complete grace for the devotees and that can fulfill all their honest desires.


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