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How Each Zodiac Sign will Continue Dating During Quarantine

DateAugust 26, 2020

Covid-19 has changed many things in the world. One of these things is the dating game. With quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing, the virus has proved to be a villain for lovers, preventing them from meeting each other. Parks, beaches, malls, and cinema halls that used to be the favorite haunts of lovers have been closed for months. Restaurants opened recently, but they do not offer the privacy that other hangouts do. And you can’t hang out for long, either. So how do lovers cope in these corona times?

Each zodiac sign behaves in a particular way when in a relationship. Let’s see how they play the dating game during the quarantine

How Each Zodiac Sign will Continue Dating During Quarantine

Aries (21st Mar to 19th April)

Aries is emotional, passionate, and impulsive in love. Dating during the quarantine period is rather stressful for you. You can get quite restless and irritable, so try to cultivate patience and wait for things to change. Do not vent your frustration on your partner. Talk more and listen more.

Taurus (20th April to 20th May)

Taurus strong will, practical nature, and responsible character will help them deal with separation anxiety. Though they are very touchy-feely with their partners, they will compensate for the physical distancing by being more sensitive and communicative during the quarantine period. They may also find some cute ways to express their love by gifting flowers or chocolates. They are also likely to call their partner umpteen times to whisper sweet nothings.

Gemini (21st May to 20th June)

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are very good at communication. They also have short attention spans, and the axiom, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ rings true in their case. During the quarantine, the phone will be their best bet to keep the romance alive. More than physical intimacy, these social butterflies crave mental stimulation and lots of conversation. They have a splendid sense of humor and love to make people crack up with their jokes. A fun outing somewhere nearby, a long drive, are some things they may plan with their lover to overcome the tedium.

Cancer (21st June to 22nd July)

You are sensitive and emotional. And you will do all it takes to make your partner happy, during the quarantine. You will be in touch with them and try to make them feel safe and loved. Someone dating a Cancer will never feel alone. Their care and concern will ensure that love will endure even the most stringent social distancing rules.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd Aug)

Leos are very loyal and loving. They are likely to come up with fun ideas to surprise their lover during the quarantine. You will be in touch with them and make sure that they are following quarantine rules and staying safe. You will also be the first to rush to their side if they need any help.

Virgo (23rd Aug to 22nd Sept)

Virgo is very fussy and critical. Your concern for your lover may be tinged with some criticism if you think they are not taking care of themselves, so go easy. You will also be busier with work than before since socializing is not happening anyway. There is a chance you might give less priority to your partner at this time, so avoid it. Remember that it’s important to express your love. So let down your guard and vocalize your feelings. Don’t let social distancing come in the way of love.

Libra (23rd Sept to 22nd Oct)

Libra is one sign that quarantine may not make much of a difference to. Your partner will not have to worry that you will forget them. You will take extra effort to keep in touch and make sure that the fires of love are burning bright. You can deal with social distancing pretty well, for you know how to connect on the emotional and mental levels. Like Taurus, also a sign ruled by Venus, maintaining intimacy is not difficult for you. The separation may make you even more playful and romantic, delighting your partner.

Scorpio (23rd Oct to 21st Nov)

Scorpios tend to be obsessive lovers. Though it can be irksome, it will be welcome during the quarantine period, as your partner will see the care and concern that lies behind the obsessive behavior. However, make sure to give some space to your partner. Pursue some hobbies that divert your attention and be more understanding if your partner is too tied up with work, and is unable to talk to you.

Sagittarius (22nd Nov to 21st Dec)

Sagittarius is not likely to be a happy camper during the quarantine period. With your strong sense of freedom and independence, you are likely to fret and fume, and take it out on others. But your essential optimism and enthusiasm for life will eventually reassert itself, and you will come to terms with things. Once this happens, you will try to compensate by playing the clown and making people laugh. Which will bring the fun back into your love life.

Capricorn (22nd Dec to 19th Jan)

You like to chill out and spend many hours talking to your partner. Despite not being too comfortable with lockdowns, you won’t mind the free time, as you are a die-hard workaholic who usually has little time for romance. So for Capricorn, the quarantine may actually do wonders for your love life, for finally, you get to spend some quality time with your lover. Even if it’s just catching up on the phone.

Aquarius (20th Jan to 18th Feb)

You are someone who demands a lot of personal space. So, for Aquarius, the quarantine may not really put you in a love-sick mood. Instead, you might join some online courses or take up a whacky hobby. Naturally, this may not go down too well with your lover. So make time for them, and be more expressive about your feelings if you don’t want the social distancing to create emotional distance between you and your partner.

Pisces (19th Feb to 20th Mar)

Compassionate, empathetic, and caring Piscean will know how to assuage the insecurities of their partner during the quarantine. Pisces have the ability to make people feel special and cared for. This will make your lover happy and secure. They will know that they can count on you. You will make sure that you are available to them.


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