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How Well Do You Know the Sun? 3 Reasons Its Light Will Bring You Success and Wealth

DateApril 12, 2016

Rarely do the planets inflict as much tension and turmoil as we’ve seen in recent times. The reasons span from too much Saturnine influence on other planets, to Saturn’s position in the 8th house of sudden and shocking changes, to malefic energy afflicting the planet of good fortune and positivity— Jupiter.

You probably felt a little more fearful, a little more pessimistic than usual.


But regardless of how your life is coming along—you’ll love the following news.

The sidereal calendar shows that now until May 14, the Sun will be in Aries—the Sun’s sign of exaltation and power according to Vedic astrology.

This transit marks the Vedic New Year.

Did you know that according to the Vedic calendar the solar day is shorter than 24 hours?

In fact, in both sidereal astronomy and Vedic astrology, time is measured from the rotation of the Earth in relation to the stars—which are fixed in the sky. The solar day in this sidereal clock is about 23 hours and 56 minutes.

Unlike modern man, ancient yogis eagerly looked forward to the passage of this luminary through Aries, because they were aware of his enhanced powers.

So cutting to the chase in the style of Aries—sign of the impulsive and creative life principle—discover three (big) reasons why you’ll soon receive a positive boost, huge relief and greater success.

1. The Sun in Aries Increases Your Intelligence

Throughout millennia, yogis observed that the rays of the Sun in Aries enhanced entire parts of the brain. In other words, both the energy on earth and the brain’s activities became extraordinarily more powerful at that time.

They also saw higher intelligence was the main result of this process, which led them to initiating favorable projects that resulted in great success.

Of course, being primarily interested in spiritual evolution, the yogis used this intelligence to achieve effortless enlightenment during this month-long window.

The same solar energies for success and recognition are now available to you.

And you’ll soon experience the increasing power of your consciousness, as long as you become aware of of the Sun’s energy and stay alert.

The effects on your thoughts will reboot everything that was stuck and undesirable in your career, relationships, health matters and wealth.

Needless to say, we all consider ourselves reasonably intelligent—we can read, write, express ourselves and create beauty in our lives.

But, as Dr. Pillai has recently explained, we operate at different levels of intelligence. This may seem obvious, but we either forget or deny it.

We often overlook the hard work and talents of those who reach top positions in their material lives or attain higher levels of spiritual awareness.

Basic karmic rules for success:

  • Don’t diss others’ talents if you want to be successful.
  • When you recognize others’ talents, you receive recognition for your own capabilities.

Have you noticed the comments addressing celebrities on their online forums? You’ll find among the cheers and positive opinions, many dismissive commentaries trying to undermine those successful individuals.

Usually, these abusive comments mask envy or other forms of negativity.

The truth is that these celebrity doctors, teachers, coaches, athletes, etc. usually employ their superb insights and work harder and with deeper intent than others.

They also invest in themselves, hone their skills and probably spent most of their time and money to get where they are today. Is this due to their intelligence? Yes, says Dr. Pillai.

Higher intelligence also means renewed trust in yourself and God.

Failing to appreciate others’ success can create obstacles in your life in the form of negative energy that hinders your progress.

2. Smart Investments in Your Consciousness

Not too long ago, Dr. Pillai came out with a statement that surprised me. “Ask for help when you need it.” Being a reserved person, I often overlook asking others for help.

Guess what—truly powerful individuals who create empires don’t do it alone. They have the power to carry out an idea and select a goal. Then they implement the advice of their coaches, advisors and mentors.

Of course, this takes money.

But you don’t need a million dollars or money you don’t have to embrace this principle. I can testify that even some inexpensive or free programs have changed my life for the better.

Once, for example, I won a free hot seat in a great conference that landed me many new ideas and much positive energy for my work.

3. The Sun is a God

Your inner skeptic might resist the following idea—planets are powerful and conscious beings. Then again, those who embrace this knowledge greatly benefit through rituals, astrology and numerology (as numbers are the organizing principles of life on earth).

Numerical digits can be traced to planets, too, as the great intuitive Rishis of India knew.

The Sun is alive, responds to human consciousness and delivers information.

If you could meet the Sun in the form of a light being standing in front of you, what would you ask for?

Try this. Recite the sounds for connecting with solar consciousness: OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times. Or even better, listen and learn the Sun’s Gayatri mantra for evolution, higher intelligence and enhanced personal power. Talk to the Sun, ask for what you need.

Of course, viewing the Vedic New Year webcast with Dr. Pillai, an enlightened Master who keeps a special relationship with the Sun, or sponsoring rituals to Surya, the Sun God, will bring you much better results.

Wishing you all the best for your success and joy!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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