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The Meaning, Benefits, and Method of Chanting Hanuman Beej Mantra

DateFebruary 2, 2019

Lord Hanuman

Hanuman is a unique God of the Hindu pantheon. Also known as Anjaneya or Maruti, he is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, the important incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Rama always dwells in the heart of Hanuman, who is, hence, often called as Rama Baktha Hanuman. He is a monkey by birth and was born as the son of the monkey chieftain Kesari and his spouse Anjana. However, he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself and born by the grace of Vayu, the Wind God. Hanuman thus, combines in himself many divine aspects, as he remains as a Shiva Swaroopa, Rama Bakatha, and Vayu Putra. This can be said to account for his legendary might and celebrated invincibility.

This monkey-faced God remains a rare combination of strength, courage, scholarship, and humility. He is also regarded as a Chiranjeevi, the immortal, who is believed to live among us even today and be present wherever the sacred name of Rama is taken.

Chanting Hanuman Beej Mantra

Beej Mantra

A ‘Beej’ is a seed. This may be small in size but contains in it, the potential to grow into a big tree. Beej Mantras are also similar, short and simple, but when chanted with faith and devotion, they provide a lot of positive energies and get for the devotees, substantial divine blessings. A Beej Mantra is thus a very short hymn or even a sound that has immense spiritual prowess.

There are many Beej Mantras, every one of them specific to one particular God. They are recited essentially for invoking the divinity and for seeking his or her grace for the devotees. They are even considered as the sound manifestations of the Gods they are dedicated to. These powerful vibrations can act in different planes which cannot be perceived at all but are capable of producing miraculous results. These Mantras, when recited with sincerity and complete focus can offer protection against all forms of dangers and impediments, and help to fulfill the honest desires of the devotees.

Hanuman Beej Mantra

Let us, here, go through the powerful Beej mantra of the wonderful God, Hanuman, which is as under:

Aum Aeem Bhreem Hanumate
Shree Ram Dootaaya Namaha

Chanting of this Hanuman Beej mantra with regularity and devotion is believed to be the easiest and the best means of pleasing the God and earning his grace.

This mantra can be termed as both, a protector and a provider. This is a humble prayer to Lord Hanuman, who is also termed here as the most ardent devotee and trusted emissary of Lord Rama. The chanting of this mantra will greatly please the mighty God, get his blessings for the devotees and link one with the higher energies of the powerful Lord himself. This can act as an impregnable shield of protection against all dangers and provide one with courage and confidence. This is also a hymn for Karya siddhi, that is, success in endeavors, prosperity, and peace.

Devotees can purify themselves and recite this mantra repeatedly. They can also do mantra japa, the mental chanting of the hymn and even meditate on it. Whatever be the methodology, this practice is sure to do a world of good for the devotees. It can clear the mind of all sorts of fears and apprehensions, remove the ill effects of negativities like evil spirits and ghosts, and cure ailments like fever and epilepsy. It can also help to gain physical stamina and mental strength, provide fearlessness and fortitude, solve difficulties and distress, get wishes fulfilled and make one succeed in life.


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