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Grace From the Siddhas: Breaking the Grip of the 9 Planets

On January 28, 2009


In the temples of India, the 9 planets are arranged in a cyclical pattern reflecting their positioning in the sky. The Sun is in the middle with other planets rotating around them. The knowledge that the world was round and the Sun was the center of the Solar system was known to the ancients of India long before the Western counterparts of Galileo and Columbus proposed these ideas.
It was the Maharishis, the Great Seers, who gained keen insight into our solar system and how we as humans are influenced by each planet. They established statue representations of the planets and invoked the energy of the planet into the statue. Through praying to the statue representation of the planet a person was able to more easily establish a connection to the planetary energies and shift their own consciousness and karma. This served to help many humans mitigate their bad karma.

But around 3500 B.C., one the powerful 18 Tamil Siddhas of Southern India by the name of Idaikkadar saw that a devastating drought that had set in was going to last for 12 years, causing untold sorrows and death for the people. Idaikkadar lived in the remote jungles, but he still decided to act on behalf of humanity. By use of his yogic skills he was able to change the directions of how the planets faced each other.

Originally, all the planets were positioned to the face the Sun. However, Idaikkadar saw that the original arrangement would feed the cycle of karmas of an individual. With each planet facing each other and  coordinating their efforts, an individual would have a more difficult time breaking the grip of karmas that the planets deliver. In a brilliant move, Idaikkadar used his powers to change the directions of the planets so that no two planets would face each other. In this way, a person who remedies a bad Saturn or bad Mars, would be able to deal one-on-one with the powerful planets, instead of by committee. It is Idaikkadar who is responsible for the modern day arrangement of the planets used in all the temples throughout India. The current arrangement is as follows:

In 2008 the most powerful of seers by name of Brghu requested Sri Dattatreya Siva Baba through a jeeva nadi reading to again rearrange the planets for the benefit of mankind. The siddha Brghu saw that because the planets are still arranged in a circle, karmas will return to an individual again and again as the planets rotate. While you can mitigate a bad karma, the next cycle will bring the same problem.

In October 2008, Dattatreya Siva Baba aligned the planets in a linear fashion, in which the circular nature is broken and the karmas have a much harder time returning to an individual. The planets were organized in the following manner, all of them facing West:

You can watch this ritual as it occurred in October, 2008 and hear Baba speak about the process here:Baba's YouTube 1 Baba's YouTube 2 Baba's YouTube 3
In the near future, will also be offering Navagraha (9 Planetary) statues aligned in this new direction for your own use at home. The planetary poojas and rituals Astroved performs on your behalf at the Sri La Sri Dattatreya Siva Baba Ashram in Chennai will be conducted on this new arrangement only as of February 1st, 2009.

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