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Effects of Saturn Transits

DateJuly 9, 2013


In astrology, Saturn is linked with limitation and restrictions. Though the subject of Saturn seems depressing, Saturn brings structure and significance to our world. Saturn knows the limits of time and matter. He reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities and our obligations, which brings meaning to our lives. The lessons that Saturn teaches actually help us to grow better. In the chart, the position of Saturn by sign and house reveals our own boundaries, uncertainties and gives us a sense of responsibility.



Saturn transits are considered to be the cycles of realization and maturity. These periods in our lives can in fact feel like lessons. Everything will be slowed down; we might come across delay, frustration and pressure. But these times also confront us to face certainty and in doing so will offer us much knowledge and liberty. Important decisions are often made during Saturn’s hard transits that happen in relation with our personal planets.

Although Saturn transits can make life feel like a hard toil, they also give us the chance to increase our inner strength and help us become more accountable for what we do and say. Saturn transits can also be taken as times of protection in whatsoever areas of life that it may affect. We generally need to put together our reserves and conserve our energy during such transit periods.

Appease Lord Saturn


If our energies are towards accomplishing meaningful deeds without pushing too hard for appreciation or support from others, we can fight to work things better. When we find ourselves face failure during Saturn transits, we must remember that these things are happening because we did not prepare ourselves to face the reality. Saturn reminds us of certainty and one needs great self-discipline to overcome this period.

Let’s remember that Saturn transits do not crush us by all means. They only slow down things, make us live in oscillation, temps us to take avoidable risks and facilitates us to live our lives based on the Karma that we possess

In addition to considering the nature of the personal planet, we should also look at the position of Saturn transit, the zodiac signs involved, houses involved and the condition of the personal planet too for finding the intensity of the effects that Saturn transits would cause on an individual. There are many remedies that you can perform to bring down the negative effects that the transit may bring.

Tone Down the Negative Impact of Saturn


Believe that Saturn wants us to work hard, put our energies into sensible, useful, and significant projects and to live a meaningful life. This period in your life is a time for building a concrete base. Understand that self-control at this point in your life is necessary for your overall growth. Stay away from blaming others for where you are right now. Understand that this period in your life exists for a short while and is the best time to learn about your personal limits and strength.

By following the above practices you will be able to overcome the Saturn transit period in your life with enough energy. Accept the fact that Saturn transits causes complexity in one’s life but there are remedies in Astrology that will help you to surpass the consequences with less pain and a lot of courage.



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