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Different Houses of Astrology

On November 05, 2014

“Bhavas” in Vedic astrology corresponds to “Houses” in western astrology – each house in a person’s birth-chart relates how different aspects of his or her life will unfold on earth plane.

Meaning of the Houses in a birth-chart:

A birth chart represents nature of the sky with its constellations and planets when a person was born on earth.

The Vedic style birth-chart is divided into 12 parts based on the 12 Zodiac signs. To discern into a chart to find out about life of a person, an astrologer has to study the signs, houses and placement of the planets in each sign or house. Though placement of the signs does not change, the houses corresponding to each sign is different in each chart based on the Vedic method of calculation.

Counting the Houses in a birth-chart:

Astrologers read a person’s chart using the Ascendant sign as the First House, and the next zodiac sign in clockwise direction as the Second House and so on. Sometimes, Moon sign of a person is considered the First House and the next zodiac sign in clockwise direction as the Second House and so on.


General impressions derived from each House:

The First House signifies physical appearance, personality and stature you hold through personal wisdom. It indicates about your physical health and your mind, how you will conduct your life and your tendencies.

The Second House signifies money, close relationships, speech and all that you stand to gain through the physical world around you. It governs your resources, achievements, memory, education, comfort and luxuries you will gain in life. It also governs our immediate environment to which you are closely connected.

The Third House signifies courage, younger siblings and your ability to do constructive things that would determine what you want in life. This house influences your ability to seek adventure in life and also indicates how you work towards your self-esteem and your close group – brothers, sisters, co-workers, and neighbors and so on.

The Fourth House signifies your emotional anchors in the outer material world such as material comforts, house, car, education. It also signifies Mother. This house affects your practical needs on the earth plane and your ability to manage them.

The Fifth House signifies spiritual grace, virtues from previous lives, your inclinations and talents. It also signifies children. Luck is a gift from God. With deep faith, Divine grace multiplies. As you mature emotionally and overcome all the problems created by your ego, you begin to access more grace.

The Sixth House signifies debts, health conditions and diseases, enemies, litigation, accidents. It also signifies maternal uncle, relationship with your servants and subordinates. This house helps you understand the duties that you should undertake, the drudgeries and competitions you are involved in.

The Seventh House signifies earthly ties and relationships, business partnership, friends and spouse. Relationship makes life meaningful on the earth plane. This house affects your ability to attract and materialize desires.

The Eighth House signifies obstacles, longevity, and losses. Most of the time we are not able to perceive obstacles in advance.  This house shows how hidden truth of your life will be revealed to you in the form of hurdles and hardships.

The Ninth House signifies fortune, wealth, reputation, spiritual life, compassion, wisdom and learning. It also signifies your father, teacher, legal advisor and so on. Look to the ninth house to find out about your association with higher intelligence, and your ability to walk a higher path.

The Tenth House signifies career, employment, entrepreneurship. This house brings you honor, power, dignity, fame and fulfills your ambitions. It signifies your boss, or what terms you will have with people with higher authority.

The Eleventh House signifies your desires for money, fame, profit, income, and wealth that can be fulfilled in many ways such as your investment, inheritance, and through certain responsibilities that you take up. This house shows your terms with public figures, celebrities, wealthy or successful people.

The Twelfth House signifies expenditures, misfortune, travel, sleep, reincarnation, enlightenment. Expenditures can be positive, such as donations to charity, while lavish spending for recreation and luxury is a mistake. Look to this house for transforming patterns of thoughts and hidden karmic choices that influence your life. This house points to your relationship with foreign lands.


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