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Imagine MS Dhoni as a Clerk

On September 13, 2013

You cannot do so, can you? It would have definitely been an enormous waste of talent and potential, if such a thing had occurred.

Dhoni, as we all know, is astounding when it comes to making those swift catches. And not to forget a special mention of those powerful, mighty strokes, which make you shout your lungs out each time the ball crosses the boundary…

He is Mr. Cool on the grounds, and fantastic at crisis management and making crucial decisions on the field. He has indeed managed very successfully to lead Team India to many a victory.

The phenomenon that Dhoni is has left us all wondering…

Why is Dhoni Such a Hero Today?

Upon closer inspection, his Horoscope/Birth Chart reveals it all.

  • A Sun–Mercury association in the House of Gemini assures him of strong, athletic arms and shoulders.
  • The presence of Mercury in the Lagna (Ascendant or 1st House) Virgo enables him to make extraordinary decisions.

And he has had the fortune to put these to good use in his cricketing career and rule the game.

As you can see, the Lagna has had an important say in his career success.

Lagna – The Starting Point in Your Birth Chart

If you thought that only the Moon sign was the most important aspect in your Birth Chart, then think again - for the Lagna is equally important in predicting who you are!

This is the First House, also known as the Ascendant. It is the starting point in your Birth Chart and marks your entry into the world, i.e., your birth. Lagna helps:

~ Throw light on how you look;

For example, you may be tall or short, well built or thin, of moderate or fierce temperament, vivacious or introvert ish- all these and more are reflected by your Lagna.

~ Reveal your true identity and how you look at the world

For example, your nature, self –image, and your confidence levels are reflected.

Lagna (Ascendant) - Sure Shot Way to Success

After all, we do not want the potentially successful singer in you give way for an average engineer or manager.

To know your Lagna, it is important to know your birth time.

Click here to know your Ascendant


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