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Clues on Hues: Dress for Your Zodiac

DateApril 25, 2009

Colors are ubiquitous. They are non-verbal communication. Color is all around us from the time we were born and it affects our everyday life in many ways. By becoming aware of the power of color and its effects on our emotions, we can learn how to make positive changes in our lives. The color of your cloths reflects your personality, and influences your mood; it affects your home and your workplace.

The effects of color on our moods, health, and way of thinking have been studied by scientists for years. Scientists have proved that looking at blue light has been shown to lower blood pressure by calming the autonomic nervous system, while red light causes it to rise. Looking at green color reduces the pain.

Colors affect your brain. Blue is known to relax and calm the mind. It also brings about clarity and represents your strong decisions. The color pink is symbolic of innocence and youth. Red corresponds to passion and sexuality, while black personifies death. While performing the last rites, people tend to use this color to show their grief. White signifies goodness and purity. Yellow exemplifies elements and money, while green symbolizes prosperity and fertility. Green is also considered as a healing color and this is the reason as to why doctors and hospitals put it to extensive use.

The 7 Chakras in our body are assigned with colors. They are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. The 7 days of the week are also assigned the respective colors of the ruling planets.

  • Sunday- White or orange
  • Monday- White, cream
  • Tuesday- Red.
  • Wednesday- Shades of Green.
  • Thursday- Yellow and its kind.
  • Friday – White and silk clothes.
  • Saturday – Black and Blue shades.

The 9 Planets are assigned the colors:

  • The Ruler Sun- Golden yellow, Orange
  • The Cool Moon – White, Off White, Cream.
  • The Fiery Mars- Red, Maroon, Rust, Burgundy.
  • The Communicator Mercury – Green, Taupe.
  • The Benevolent Jupiter – Yellow and its kind.
  • The Diplomat Venus- Pink, Gray and all pastel Shades.
  • The Philosopher Saturn- Electric blue, Black and grey.
  • The Dragon Head Rahu- Dark and Navy blue.
  • The Dragon Tail Ketu- Variant Colors.

Wearing “Lucky Color” enhances the positive vibrations of certain planets that are associated with fortune, career, relationship etc.

The astrological signs also are associated with colors. Read the descriptions for your Moon and Ascendant Signs for clues to which colors may work best for you.

Aries (April 13th to May 14th )
The element of the astrology sign called as Aries is the fire. The planet is Mars. The suitable color is almost all the shades of red. Aries are governing, fun loving, egotistical, passionate, self-expressive, impulsive, enthusiastic, independent, pioneering and always ready for a battle.

This sign’s style is sporty and casual, with bright colors used for elegance.

An Arian should wear purple and red and be in style. Aries is the hairy type which is crisp or wavy. Any headgear would be eye-catching.

The colors Red, White and Blue are lucky for you as they bring in health, wealth success and prosperity into your life. They also help in improving your relations inside and outside your home. However, you must stay away from the colors Green and Silver, as it tends to harm your health or increase your expenses.

Aries Lucky colors are all the shades of red, Blue-green, white.

Taurus (May 14th to June 14th )
The element of Taurus is Earth, ruling planet is Venus. They are practical, generous, patient, purposeful, constant, obstinate, earthly, warm and sensual. Classic fashions appeal most to Bulls, who rarely fall victim to fads. They love music and adore jewellery and fine clothes. This sign draws attention to their throat with chains, necklaces, and chokers.

A Taurean can wear blue and lighter shades of blue which goes very well with the soft skin. A sapphire around the neck would enhance their beauty. They have sparkling teeth, fair complexion, attractive face and beautiful eyes. The lips are sensual so the lipstick should be vivid in color. The hands are well-shaped with slightly conic fingers. Wearing bracelets and rings on their fingers will enhance their beauty. Bright nail polish would look good.

Blue will bring success and luck. Green will provide you with material gains and development of the mind and soul.

Taurus Lucky colors are: Pale blue, mauve, Pink, cream, spring green, brown.

Stay away from yellow and Red as well.

Gemini (June 14th to July 16th)
The element of Gemini is Air, and the ruling planet is Mercury. Gemini’s have good sense of humor, vigor, and are analytical and isolated. The people of this sign usually have thin physique, are tall in height, medium complexion, dark eyes, thin hair. They lean while walking. Mostly, though, this sign enjoys wildly patterned clothes that are easy to wash and wear. Gloves, bracelets, and rings are among their favorite accessories. Gemini does also have a weakness for handbags and briefcases.

A Gemini should wear the bright colors orange and lemon. The eyes are bright and hence the habit of applying mascara should be cultivated. Since the complexion is pale- miniskirts, sleeveless can be worn. The limbs are slender and therefore heavy jewellery should be worn.

Green will be very good for your health and relationships at home. Yellow will bring in good luck in your personal relationships and they will be more fulfilling.

The favorite colors are green and yellow Bright yellow, black. White and red may prove to be hurdles in your path to success.

Cancer (July 16th to August 16th )
The element of cancer is Water, planet is moon. The cancerians are thoughtful, shy and moody, protective, flexible, strong and determined, caring with a streak of possessiveness, kind and sympathetic to the plight of others and a good listener.

They have round face. Charmingly deceptive, this sign likes to wear luxurious lingerie beneath conservative outerwear. When it comes to jewelry, they prefer silver and pearls. The Crab’s favorite accessory is the watch, though. This sign loves soft fabrics like flannel, combed cotton, and terry cloth.

Cancer people need to be very careful because their stomach has a tendency to protrude. Hence they should exercise a lot. Cancer girls should wear a necklace of pearls around them.

White can bring you a lot of happiness and prosperity. Orange and light red will help in you in your studies. Green and blue on the other hand will hinder your growth and might create problems for you.

The favorite color is white, and shades of blue. Melon-Pink, Pale Green and White.

Lucky Color: Orange, White, Silver, pearl White, Sea green, Silver, cerulean blue

Leo ( August 16th to September 16th )
The element of Leo is fire, planet is sun. Their colors include golden and orchard. Leo’s are stubborn, free, and comfortable to be with type of people warm, sunny, outgoing, generous, charming and magnanimous. They have strong bones, broad forehead, beautiful eyes and big nose.

This sign also has a special affinity for animal prints and faux fur. Gold jewelry is a must. Their colors include golden and orchard.

Leo should wear gold and white colors. The eyes are bright and hence the gaze should be steady. Golden eye-liner can be applied to highlight the bright eyes.

White can bring you a lot of happiness and prosperity. Orange and light red will help in you in your studies. Green and blue on the other hand will hinder your growth and might create problems for you. Go ahead and wear reds, orange, sunny yellow with the occasional foray into purple.

Your favorite colors are red, gold.

Lucky Color: Gold, Orange, White, and Red

Virgo (September 16th to October 17th)
The 6th astrological sign is Virgo. The element of this star sign is earth, and planet is Mercury. The suitable colors are silver and violet. Virgo’s are cooperative, fanatical, critical and shrewd but discrete.

Virgos can wear smart dresses in vogue for the simple reason that you never show your age. An open neckline would be of great help. The face of the person born under this sign would be a real showpiece so once in a while bizarre make-up would even do splendidly. Try to appear carefree, as your movements though quick would be a little fidgety.

This sign loves to accentuate tailored outfits with smart accessories. This sign’s clothes are always fitted and made from the finest fabrics.

Green will bring in peace and prosperity in your life. Yellow is good for your relationships. Stay away from red at all costs.

Lucky Color: Orange, White, Grey, Yellow, Mushroom Navy blue, taupe, Green and Dark Brown, Light blue, Pearl grey, silver and forest green are their lucky colors.

Libra (October 17th to November 16th)
The 7th sign is Libra. The element is Air and planet is Venus. Libra’s are imaginative considerate and negative thinkers. They are pious and spiritual Colors that are soft, harmonious, and blend well.

Libra is the fashion maven of the zodiac. They love all beautiful things and would like to possess. Look to this sign for the latest trends and smartest looks of the season. Filmy fabrics, flowing materials, and pastel colors are among their favorite forms of expression.

People born under the sign love beaded bags and jewelry, and generally wear a signature scent that is flower-based.

Libras should practice their winning smile. The neck is like conch so the neck would be prettier with a heavy necklace. The feet are clumsy so closed sandals should be preferred. Pedicure and nail polish could enhance the beauty.

Lucky Color: Soft pastel shades, Blue, Green (light airy shades), all the shades of pink, white, navy blue and gray are the colors that will help you in climbing up the ladder of success.

On the other hand, stay away from red and yellow, as they are harmful for you.

Scorpio (November 16th to December 15th )
Water is the element of 8th star sign called Scorpio, ruling planet Mars and Pluto. Scorpio’s are loyal, sensitive and envious secretive, willful, understanding, a lover of truth and very sensual.

Scorpio has a really good personality. Generally, they have big teeth, big jaws. You would wear the Scarlet color. Intense, sexy, and mysterious, Scorpio treats clothes as tools for seduction.

This sign loves the color black, but will also wear midnight blue or burgundy to indicate a cheerful mood. Every Scorpion has a favorite pair of black pants, and may buy several of the same type to rotate throughout the week. They also have a weakness for boots. Eyes are very expressive, you can play them up with eye-shadow and mascara and even false eye lashes. Heavy jeweler should be avoided on the neck, but small coral beads could add grace to you.

Black, blood red, burgundy, wine, and maroon are good colors for the scorpion.
Red will keep you healthy and fit and yellow will bring inflow of money and wealth along with peace and calmness. Green, on the other hand is likely to increase your enemies and expenses and so stay away from it.

Favorite colors of Scorpio’s are almost all shades of red, and black, brown, crimson, burgundy, maroon.

Lucky Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust

Sagittarius ( December 15th to January 13th )
The planet is Jupiter, and the element of sign Sagittarius is fire. Sagittarians are bold, caring and lazy, optimistic, outgoing, adaptable, philosophical, honest and of independent nature, wise with farsightedness.

They have long faces and necks and other parts of body attractive but conspicuous. Always on the move, Sagittarians always has a great supply of jeans, tee shirts, sweat pants, and chunky sweaters. This friendly sign leans toward earth tones like orange, brown, and yellow, and chooses footwear based on comfort, rather than fashion. Wardrobe essentials include one nice leather jacket and a pair of funky sunglasses.

Moderate jewellery is ideal for you. Chunky ornaments also go in beautifully. Autumn colors like yellow, bright orange and rust browns, turquoise and a splash of purple are colors that will bring them good luck.

Yellow and red are very lucky for you. On the other hand, blue and white may prove to be unlucky for you and also give you sorrow.

Lucky Color: Yellow, brilliant blue, royal blue, Violet, Rich Purple, Red, Pink.

Capricorn (January 13th to February 12th)
The 10th astrological sign Capricorn and its element is earth. Saturn is the planet and the shades of brown are the favorite colors. Capricorns are firm, efficient, strong-minded, and introvert, dutiful, diligent, loyal, enduring, ambitious and devoted to your family.

They have hard hair on their scalp. Sharpened chin is usually noticeable. They are showy sometimes. When it comes to clothes, the Capricorns want simply the best. Famous for their great legs, Capricorn incline toward form-fitting pants and skirts with high slits. Everything else in their wardrobe is classic and tailored, though; there isn’t a bead or fringe in sight. You have large feet makes pedicure a must.

Blue and white will bring in success in your career and improve your personality. They will also improve your situation at home. Yellow and red should be kept away as they may create problems.

Lucky Color: Brown, Steel, Grey, Black, forest green most dark colors

Aquarius (February 12th to March 13th)
The element of Aquarius is Air, and planet is Saturn and Uranus. People with this sign are energetic, perceptive and anxious, inventive, original, intuitive, sociable, detached, and have a deep care for humanity. They are more spiritual and would at times attire themselves with spiritual colors and ornaments. This would enhance their beauty and add grace to them.

The forehead is small and face less attractive. Water-bearers are fashion mavericks. Asymmetrical cuts appeal to their offbeat sensibilities. This sign often shops at vintage stores, and likes to travel back in time with horn-rimmed glasses and platform shoes. Aquarians have a weakness for spandex and vinyl.

The Aquarian color is aquamarine. Aquarians can wear any dress and apparel you like, stick to this color for both charm and luck. Make-up is just not for you. Ash is a color that brings luck for you.

Sky blue, electric blue, shocking pink, fluorescent hues, Turquoise blue, violet and all the bright colors of the rainbow are favorable.

Light red and white will enable you to earn name and fame. All bright colors will prove to be good whereas all dark colors may disrupt mental peace.

Pisces ( March 13th to April 13th)
The Pisces is the 12th astrological sign having water as its element. The planet of this star sign is Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are kind, imaginative, confused, sensitive,
Self- sacrificing, compassionate and real dreamer. They are very fond of dress and al type of luxury.

These Piscians prefer floating chiffon and shimmering silk to durable wool but cotton is close to their heart. Females often pick dresses or skirts instead of pants, and males dress more for comfort than style. All Pisces love shoes, and will have a stunning variety stuffed in their closets. This sign loves the color blue.

Mind over matter causes physical changes in you because you look beautiful one day and a total drag the next day. There are two types of Pisceans – the first being the wishy-washy type, the other being the one with character. Make-up should be bright. Piscean should never be without a pearl. Feet should be given special care.

Violets, Sea Green, Pale green, turquoise, white and blue grey are lucky. Yellow is the color for you to enhance your health and white is helpful for financial gains. Dark colors may delay your work and you will get delayed results as well. Autumn colors like yellow, bright orange and rust browns, turquoise and a splash of purple are colors that will bring them good luck.

Lucky colors: Blue, aquamarine and all shades of Yellow.


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