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Chitra Poornima, April 17th – Time To Wash Away Your Sins

DateApril 12, 2011

A Day of Honor for Chitra Gupta

The full moon day of the month of Chitra is considered the birthday of Chitra Gupta, the karmic accountant of all the soul’s doings and misdoings in life. Lord Brahma created Chitra Gupta through the Sun God, and He is considered as the younger brother of Lord Yama. He is considered the Karmic Accountant or the Divine Judge who tallies the good and bad deeds of every being and reports to Lord Yama in order to punish or reward them after their death.

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Chitra Gupta has a temple in Tamil Nadu where He is depicted sitting holding a pen in His right hand. In the left hand, He holds a palm leaf or the Karma Accounts of all the beings in this world. Chitra Poornima is the right time to gain His blessings and wash away all your sins to bag the virtue for the life beyond!

Planetary Aspects on Chitra Poornima

Full Moon on Chitra occurs when Sun is in its Exalted state of Aries (close to the Earth), and when Moon is aligned with the bright Star called Chitra in the constellation of Libra. Libra is the sign that seeks balance. With the Full Moon here, your mind begins to weigh and balance its own thought forms. And with the Sun energizing your soul from its full strength position in Aries, you are further empowered to make wiser “karmic” choices during this time. These Karmic choices decide on the destiny of your existing life and also for the life beyond.

Do you need rewards or punishment after life?

Human beings are bound to have sins due to their conscious or unconscious negative deeds. These are referred to as their bad karma which will end in the life of Hell. You can get the liberty from all your negative karmas by balancing your sins with powerful remedies to gain the blessings of the divine judge and avail the rewards after life by becoming a purified soul.

Wash Away Your Bad Karma

Karma is nothing but the ‘deed‘ or your action which results in a cycle of cause and effect. There is a big reserve of karma that each soul has, like a bank account, that needs to be cleared out in order for the soul to be released from the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. There are four types of Karma. They are:

1. Sanchita is the big karma of your soul from all past lives from the very beginning of your life.
2. Prarabdha is the karma of present life, accrued from other lives, chosen by you to experience this life time.
3. Kriyamana is the instant karma in this life time which could be balanced quickly.
4. Aagami is the karma that you create in this life that isn’t ‘instant’ and which goes back and comes around in life cycle until you repay.

Reserve a Place in Heaven!

Not only are the bad deeds recorded by Chitra Gupta, but any attempt at remedying those sins is taken into consideration. He helps us in self-analysis and maintaining a good conduct so as to reap good rewards and avoid punishment after death. Your sin can be forgiven if one repents sincerely, vows not to repeat it, and prays to the Lord with penitent heart, devotion and intense faith.

It is known that any sin can be nullified by doing good to the victim, in the case that there is a victim, and even if you do not know the victim random but through sincere prayers and powerful remedies you can wash out all your sins and can easily reserve a special place for you in the heaven.

Supreme Karmic Remedies

The dedicated prayers and rituals especially on Chitra Poornima to Lord Chitra Gupta helps to navigate your path to heaven by balancing your good and bad karmas and gains you the power to increase your positive deeds in life. One of the supreme remedy to terminate your karma is “donation.”

Sincere donations to the poor and the needy will be like compound interest for good karma. You can easily eliminate the four types of karma in life by following the effective and supreme karmic remedies. Donations of any type like clothes, food, books, money or anything that would serve a purpose for a suffering heart is considered great to become a purified soul.
On this day, you can appeal to Him to rewrite your personal current account of karma and lose the misdoings to mark up for good deeds.

Participate in the powerful rituals of Chitra Poornima to terminate your bad karmas and gain the power to become a purified soul!


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