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Characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra

On February 16, 2016

Out of 27 nakshatras in the constellation, Hasta is the 13th nakshatra. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is the Moon. The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Savitar, the Sun God who imparts creative and transforming energy. Those placed in this nakshatra tend to shed light around them.

With its symbol as a closed hand or clenched fist, this signifies determination and resolution. The nature of this star is to keep everybody within one`s grip. It also stands for conquest, knowledge, wisdom, strength, togetherness, power, and control. They exhibit the capacity to rule over others.


The luminous influence of Hasta nakshatra makes those born in this nakshatra sincere, loyal and kind. Some of the personality traits displayed are strength, calmness, poise, generosity, charming vivacity, and flamboyance.

They have firmness and constancy of purpose. The characteristic way for Hasta natives to wield control over others is through wisdom, action, and knowledge.

Though they maintain a polite, calm composure, they exhibit independence and firmness in their dealings.

The lordship of the Moon makes the natives of Hasta nakshatra charming. Their sweet smile has the magnetic power to attract others.

With their good sense of humor, they keep other people entertained. They are blessed with an innate ability to inspire and motivate people. They are possessed with exceptionally good skills in conversation. With this skill, they can easily please others.

With their leadership qualities, they are highly successful in entrepreneurship and business. They achieve great heights due to their intelligence, craftsmanship, and enormous skill. They possess a huge amount of wealth that helps them achieve material comforts and worldly happiness.

They are interested in social service and are always ready to help the needy for nothing in return. They easily earn the honor and respect of the public. They act as good advisors, as they have the capacity to intervene and settle various disputed matters.

They do not desire to cause trouble for others, but once offended, they seek to avenge. In order to control people and situations, these natives can appear callous with a lack of sensitivity. At times they can be outrageously dominating and cruel.

To gain success or profit, they ignore the needs of others. They tend to resort to cunning ways and selfishness to further their interests.

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